5 Lake Toba Fish Species, Endemic Fish in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba fish species has several endemic fishes. Some of these endemic fishes are threatened with extinction due to invasive species, one of which is the red devil fish, which is not native to Lake Toba. In addition to these fish, there are several other invasive fish that are also having some problem in Lake Toba.

Lake Toba Tours:

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia. This lake has a variety of natural beauty. The lake was formed due to the eruption of Mount Toba 75 thousand years ago forming a volcanic lake with endemic biota in it.

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One of the famous Lake Toba endemic fish is Batak Fish and Pora-pora Fish. This fish is often used as an ingredient in typical Batak foods such as Arsik and also Parapat foods specialties in the form of typical fried pora-pora fish. However, because Batak fish has declined in population, Arsik currently uses carp fish as the main ingredient. In addition to the fish above, there are still several fish endemic to Lake Toba. Here are the Lake Toba fish species that you can find in this volcanic lake:

  • 1. Batak Fish

Batak fish (Neolissochilus ThienemanniI) is a species endemic to Lake Toba. The local term for this fish is Ihan Batak. This fish is a fish with two genus namely Neolissochilus and Tor. Tor species are the most commonly found species such as Tor Tambra, Tor Tambroides, Tor Soro and Tor Douronensis. This fish has various names depending on the region. For example, in West Java it is called Kancra Fish, Tombro Fish in East Java and Central Java, Kelah Fish in Malaysia, Jurung Fish in North Sumatra, Lempon Fish, Sepan Fish and also called Mahseer Fish.

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To fish for Mahseer fish or Batak fish is quite easy. This fish likes to be in strong water flows such as river mouths with rocky conditions. This Batak fish is a fish that is active at night. This fish is very aggressive so it can be fished with various baits such as minnow bait for casting fishing techniques or artificial bait from palm fruit modified with chicken feathers. In addition, live bait is also effective for fishing adult Batak fish because adults tend to be in deep river holes or deeper lake waters.

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Batak fish is often used as a typical Batak food menu, although as a consumption commodity, the population of this fish continues to decline. This fish is classified as an endangered fish. In addition, this fish has a slow growth. This fish can grow up to 30 kilograms in weight with a length of 1 meter. This fish is threatened by invasive species.

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  • 2. Lake Toba Rasbora (Rasbora Tobana)

Lake Toba rasbora (Rasbora Tobana) is a native species of Lake Toba fish. This fish is a small fish from the Cyprinidae tribe. rasbora fish has many types up to 100 species, Lake Toba rasbora is an endemic species of Lake Toba.

This fish is also often used as a consumable fish as a side dish. This fish is rarely cultivated because of its small size. This fish can be served fried with a savory and delicious taste.

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  • 3. Pora-pora Fish

Pora-pora fish or bilih fish is one of the freshwater fish species of Lake Toba. This fish is only 10-12 cm in size with shiny white scales. This fish is one of the cultivated fish in Lake Toba in addition to other fish species. This fish is a fast breeding species that can produce a large number of fish.

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For those of you who want to enjoy the culinary specialties, you can enjoy this fish culinary in restaurants in Parapat and also several places to eat on Lake Toba. it is also become one of the typical souvenirs of Lake Toba in the form of dried fish.

Pora-pora is one of the fishery commodities in Lake Toba and is a source of livelihood for coastal lake fishermen. Its delicious taste makes this fish very popular with consumers. Not only in North Sumatra and Medan, this fish is also deliver to Padang, Pekanbaru and Jakarta.

  • 4. Maninjau Loach

Maninjau loach fish (Homaloptera Gymnogaster) is one of the protected species found in Lake Toba. This fish is one of the endemic fish in Lake Maninjau and Lake Toba. This fish is often caught for consumption and ornamental fish so that its existence is threatened.

It prefers to live in streams near lakes with sandy contours and clear water. This fish is considered endangered so the government protects this fish species along with several other species such as the Sumatran chitala, Batak fish and so on.

  • 5. Carps

Carp are not native to Lake Toba, but they are often associated with the legends of Lake Toba. Carp is one of the economically valuable fish commodities. it can adjust to lake condition so that it grows bigger.

The largest carp ever caught in the waters of Lake Toba weighed 15 kg and 21 kilograms. The capture of this huge sized carp has shocked the public because it is often associated with the myth of Samosir Island and the legend of the formation of Lake Toba. The myth is still believed by the surrounding community even though the facts about Lake Toba tell otherwise.

Carp is currently one of the main ingredients for Batak culinary specialties such as Arsik Culinary which used to be made from Batak Fish. This dish is one of the delicious dishes on Lake Toba with a distinctive taste. You can enjoy when you are on vacation to Lake Toba.

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Those are some Lake Toba fish species or endemic fish that you can still find even though the population has decreased. In addition to the fish above, other fish that you can find in Lake Toba such as climbing perch, Lake Toba flowerhorn chchlids, gourami, java barb fish, catfish, snakehead (channa), eels, tinfoil barb, marble goby, trichogaster fish, tilapia fish to carps.

Lake Toba Volcano, 6 Active Volcanoes Near Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba volcano are scattered in several locations and are still active. One of the famous volcanoes on Lake Toba is Mount Toba where this mountain became the history of the formation of Lake Toba 75,000 years ago through the eruption of Mount Toba. Mount Toba is an ancient supervolcano that erupted and formed the caldera that we currently know as Lake Toba. This mount is the only supervolcano in Indonesia. Lake Toba itself is a famous tourist attraction in Indonesia with a variety of exoticism.

Interested in a vacation to Lake Toba, you can see the following Lake Toba tour package offers with all-inclusive and comfortable facilities:

For those of you who like challenging tours or mountain hiking, you can try hiking Sibayak Volcano. Here is the Mount Sibayak hiking package that you can see:

With the presence of volcanoes near Lake Toba, it is certainly an attraction for tourists. In addition to mountains, Lake Toba is also decorated with hills on Lake Toba which are very charming. Many people make mountains as a hiking location and enjoy the view from a height and also a place for camping on Lake Toba. For those of you who want to hike mountains on Lake Toba, it should be noted that there are active volcanoes near Lake Toba. Here’s a list of Lake Toba volcano:

  • 1. Mount Toba

Mount Toba is a Lake Toba volcano that is still active. Included in the very large category, this supervolcano last erupted approximately 74 thousand years ago. Until now, a number of studies have been conducted on Mount Toba, both by domestic and foreign researchers.

A number of scientific reports prove the existence of Mount Toba. Dutch geologist Van Bemmelan in 1939 revealed that Lake Toba is surrounded by pumice. These rocks are relics of volcanic eruptions, in this case Mount Toba, which spread to a number of places, even abroad. Later, a number of researchers found remnants of rhyolite burning that were the same age as Toba rocks in Malaysia and some even reached the central part of India. Indonesian seismologist Fauzi is also one of the researchers who helped uncover the mysteries of Mount Toba.

If mapped, the location of Mount Toba is at the confluence of three tectonic plates: Pacific, Eurasian, and Indo-Australian. Around 80% of Indonesia is located on the Eurasian plate, including Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and Banda. This factor also makes Indonesia prone to natural disasters, especially earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Before the ‘long sleep’. Mount Toba had erupted three times. The first eruption occurred approximately 800 thousand years ago which then produced a caldera in the southern part of Lake Toba. The second eruption that occurred 500 thousand years ago then formed a caldera in the northern part of Lake Toba. Finally, the third eruption 74 thousand years ago formed the entire caldera of Lake Toba to create Samosir Island in the middle.

The eruption of Mount Toba apparently produced a gravitational anomaly. According to the law of gravity, a place will have the same gravity as another place if it has the same height, mass and relativity. When Mount Toba erupted, a lot of material came out. Because of the magnitude of the eruptions, the mass was reduced, which also affected the gravitational force. From here, up-lifting occurred, which then gave rise to Samosir Island.

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  • 2. Mount Sibuatan

Mount Sibuatan is a volcano on Lake Toba that has an altitude of 2,457 meters above sea level. Also known as Mount Sibuaten, this volcano ‘beats’ Mount Sinabung which has decreased in height due to eruptions that have taken place since 2010. This mountain has also become an alternative favorite destination for hikers visiting North Sumatra.

There are many features that tourists can get when they visit Mount Sibuatan. One of them is the Moss Forest, which is the habitat of a number of rare flora in Indonesia. Call it mushrooms, tropical pitcher plants, orchids, and of course moss. The existence of this moss forest can also be found when entering an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level.

In addition, there is Pilar Peak, the main peak of Mount Sibuatan which climbers can travel for approximately 45-60 minutes from Shelter 5. Arriving at the summit, climbers will be greeted by a stunning panorama of Lake Toba and Samosir Island. Even other mountains such as Mount Barus, Mount Sinabung, and Mount Sibayak can be seen from Pilar Peak.

Hiking Mount Sibuatan is challenging as the area has not been touched by humans too often. Hikers are advised to wear boots to prevent falls when walking on slippery surfaces. If you don’t like climbing, there are still several other activities that tourists can do at Mount Sibuatan. For example, camping at Tugu Satya, hunting for sunrise and sunset, and observing the typical flora of the moss forest.

Mount Sibuatan is located in Karo Regency and part of four sub-districts. These include Munte, Merek, Juhar, and Tiga Panah sub-districts. Tourists who want to go to this tourist spot can start the journey from Medan city center by private or public transportation.

For public transportation, van or buses are available at Padang Bulan Post Junction which leads to Sidikalang, Dairi Regency. Other options are available in intercity buses with Medan-Berastagi or Medan-Kabanjahe routes at Amplas Integrated Terminal. It takes three hours from Simpang Pos to Nagalingga village in Karo to start the journey at Mount Sibuatan.

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  • 3. Mount Sinabung

Mount Sinabung is one of the volcanoes near Lake Toba, Indonesia. It is an active Lake Toba volcano located in Karo Regency, North Sumatra. This type of volcano has a high eruption rate, even more powerful than other volcanoes in North Sumatra.

Nevertheless, Mount Sinabung is one of the favorite mountains of climbers. Moreover, North Sumatra is famous for its various beautiful and amazing natural charms, no wonder many tourists are curious about the beauty of Mount Sinabung.

In terms of the type of mountain itself, Mount Sinabung is a strato-volcano with a cone shape and categorized in Type-A, which is a group of volcanoes that have erupted magmatically approximately once after 1600 AD. Before being categorized as a Type-A volcano, it turns out that Mount Sinabung used to be Type-B.

Type-B is a volcano that has erupted, but after 1600 AD and has no longer appeared magmatic eruptions, but still shows symptoms of activity, for example solfatara activity. Regarding the activity of Mount Sinabung, it is not clearly known.

This happened because there is no historical record or literature that explains it. Meanwhile, before 1600 AD, there was the last activity of Mount Sinabung, namely, the vomiting of pyroclastic rocks with lava flowing towards the south.

Meanwhile, Mount Sinabung has an altitude of around 2,451 meters above sea level and known to have never experienced an eruption since 1600. However, in 2010, 2013, and 2016, this mountain showed its activity again and got an eruption. Mount Sinabung itself has various interesting facts. First, Mount Sinabung fills the list of dead mountains in Indonesia after its last eruption in 1600 AD. However, Mount Sinabung finally woke up from its slumber and became active again and erupted in 2010.

Second, the eruption of Mount Sinabung was not from the top of the mountain, but from the side of the mountain. Actually, the surrounding community is very aware of Mount Sibayak because it is considered an active volcano. But uniquely what erupted was not Mount Sibayak but Mount Sinabung. Third, Mount Sinabung managed to break the record as a volcano in Indonesia that ran the longest eruption, which is approximately 7 months. This record was previously held by Mount Bromo.

For hikers who want to enjoy the beauty of Mount Sinabung, they can go through two climbing routes. First, from Lake Lau Kawar and Mardinding Village. However, most hikers often pass through the Lau Kawar route, because the path is faster to the top of the mountain.

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  • 4. Mount Sibayak

Mount Sibayak is a mountain located in Karo Regency, North Sumatra and a volcano near Lake Toba that offers natural beauty. Mount Sibayak is also one of the mountains suitable for hiking. This mountain is one type of volcano located in the Karo Highlands, its height reaches 2,094 meters above sea level. The highest peak of Mount Sibayak is often referred to by the local community as Takal Kuda (in Karo language means Horse Head).

When climbing to the top, you can see a clear view of Mount Sinabung. The process of hiking Mount Sibayak actually does not take long, because it does not take days to reach the top of the mountain. Climbers can reach the top in just about two hours. So, this mountain is an interesting sport for beginner mountain climbers.

If you want to hike Mount Sibayak there are several hiking trails that can be chosen. First, the easiest route starts from the Semangat Gunung Village with fairly easy, organized, smooth terrain and vehicles can go through this terrain. So it does not require a long climbing time.

Second, through the Jarang Uda Village Path, if this way requires a little longer hiking time than the first path.  However, during this route, hikers can enjoy beautiful natural scenery in the form of hot springs.

Third, this third path can be said to be the most difficult path than other hiking trails. People usually refer to this path as path 54. Climbers will face difficult and challenging terrain conditions. The road is quite extreme and steep, so it requires a longer travel distance. When arriving at the top of Mount Sibayak, climbers can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. Climbers who are eyeing the sunrise will usually hike from the foot of the mountain around 02.00 in the morning. Indeed, climbing at night is quite extreme, but the view is also very interesting.

Mount Sibayak itself has a unique crater, a type of sulfur crater with an area of up to 40,000 m. The content of solfatara makes the crater of Mount Sibayak never stop spewing hot steam. While there is a sloping section in the crater as a place for climbers to rest for a moment in a tent.

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  • 5. Mount Sibual-buali

North Sumatra Province presents a variety of interesting and endless natural tourist destinations for you to explore. You can find various types of nature tourism in this one province.  For those of you who are nature lovers, especially mountain climbers, in North Sumatra there are also many mountains that can be used as an option to do extreme sports hobby. One of the mountains that has a beautiful and interesting charm to climb in North Sumatra is Mount Sibual Buali.

Sibual Buali Mountain Tourism in North Sumatra is a must-visit if you have a hobby of hiking. This mountain is located in South Tapanuli Regency. Mount Sibual Buali has an altitude of approximately 1819 meters above sea level. This Lake Toba volcano also has a variety of flora and fauna, similar to another mountain next to it, namely Mount Lubuk Raya. The flora and fauna include several types of monkeys and also tropical pitcher plants.

Mount Sibual Buali itself is still an active volcano but still considered safe. So, you can still climb this mountain with peace of mind. To reach the top of the mountain, you can ask a guide from friendly local residents to guide all the way to get to the top more quickly and safely.

When hiking Mount Sibual Buali, you will be presented with a very exotic and beautiful natural scenery. When you climb this volcano near Lake Toba and reach the top, you can hear the sound of hot air bursts mixed with the sound of sulfur and the sound of a waterfall in the middle of two mountains.

The beauty of the Silima Lima waterfall on the mountain is one of the extraordinary charms that you will not be able to forget when hiking Mount Sibual Buali. To be able to reach the top of Mount Sibual Buali, climbers must travel the hiking trail for about 2 hours. But even though it looks tiring, the fatigue will be paid off by the charm of the natural beauty that is presented in front of the eyes.

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  • 6. Mount Lubuk Raja

Mountain climbing is one of the most fun and exciting activities. Especially if done together with the friends. Indonesia itself has many mountains that can be climbed, including volcanoes. Volcanoes in Indonesia are almost spread across all provinces. Including in North Sumatra.

If you take a moment to explore North Sumatra, you will find a million beauties and charms of natural and cultural beauty that are certainly not inferior to other provinces in Indonesia. Not only Lake Toba tours, in fact North Sumatra has many other interesting tourist attractions. South Tapanuli Regency has several tourist attractions that must be visited.

One of the tours that should not be missed when visiting South Tapanuli Regency is hiking Mount Lubuk Raja. This volcano near Lake Toba is a reflection of the local wisdom of the people of South Tapanuli who really care about the preservation of the surrounding nature.

Mount Lubuk Raja has an altitude of approximately 1813 meters above sea level. The mountain is flanked by two sub-districts, namely Batang Toru and Marancar. Mount Lubuk Raja itself is one of the interesting spots for climbers. Although this mountain has a relatively low altitude, the terrain to reach the top is very challenging.

During the journey up to the mountain and reach the top, you will be viewed the dense forests and also encounter shrubs. Then, when you get to the top, you will find thorny plants. Therefore, you have to be very careful because these plants can hurt you.

From the top of Mount Lubuk Raja, you can see the beauty of the surrounding nature that stretches like a green carpet or rug and of course this beauty must be preserved and maintained. In addition, you can also see various types of forest shrubs or also known as tropical pitcher plants. Mount Lubuk Raja has a charm of natural beauty around that will spoil your eyes and make your mind more relax. Climbing this mountain is also quite challenging for those of you who like challenges.

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That’s the list of volcanoes in Lake Toba that are still active. Make sure you check the safety status of the Lake Toba volcano if you want to hike and camp at its peak.

Lake Toba Nightlife, 5 Best Things to do at Night in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba nightlife are one of the unique experiences when visiting the largest volcanic lake in the world. Lake Toba is surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. Not only the scenery of the lake that is very stunning during the day, but you can also see the same thing at night.

Traveling to Lake Toba is more enjoyable with Lake Toba tour packages where you don’t need to think about facilities and the agendas, here are the tour programs that you can see:

For those of you who want to visit other tourist attractions in Sumatra, you can see the following Padang tour packages and Sumatra Overland tour packages:

Lake Toba is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. Lake Toba is one of the main attractions in North Sumatra where you can explore natural scenery, Batak culture and to see various tourist attractions on Lake Toba such as beaches, islands, hills to beautiful waterfalls on Lake Toba. In addition to tourist attractions that you can visit during the day, there are also places that you can visit at night. Here are the Lake Toba nightlife:

  • 1. Parapat Night Market

Parapat Night Market is a night tourist spot on Lake Toba launched by Generasi Pesona Indonesia or GenPi. Conceptualized as a digital destination, Parapat Night Market is located at Tiga Raja, Girsang Sipangan Bolon District, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra.

The concept of a market wrapped in a digital destination. Parapat Night Market not only offers cultural and natural activities. Tourists can also capture the activities and settings of the place to support hobbies such as photography. Moreover, Parapat Night Market is also a place to interact that supports the 3F movement, namely friends, followers, and fans.

The presence of Parapat Night Market received support from various parties, including Arief Yahya as the Minister of Tourism at the time. Arief considers the presence of these tourist attractions as a positive thing. In fact, Arief wants to revive about a hundred GenPi Markets so that the Indonesian people, especially the younger generation, can carry out activities that are positive in nature.

There are three categories introduced by these markets, including Parapat Night Market. One, digital nature destinations that use nature such as rice fields, forests, beaches, and villages for photo objects. Two, digital culture destinations that use the theme of cultural works such as the old city, heritage, culinary, cultural parks, and traditional clothing.

Three, digital manmade destinations or urban markets aimed at urban areas. These three categories are expected to make the Parapat Night Market increasingly recognized by many people.

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  • 2. Enjoy the night at Bebas Parapat Beach

Relaxing at night at Bebas Parapat Beach has become a favorite activity for a number of tourists who have become a favorite night hangout spot on Lake Toba. The beach is located at Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Girsang Sipangan Bolon District, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra.

Actually, Bebas Parapat Beach can be visited throughout the day. However, exploring the beach at night offers a different sensation that will not be forgotten. Many tourists often compare Parapat Free Beach to Malioboro in Yogyakarta. But this beach certainly provides a different beauty that is certainly impressive.

Various activities can be done at Parapat Free Beach at night. These include camping, setting up campfires, and taking pictures. There are also a number of facilities that tourists can use such as jogging tracks, deck stages, viewing towers, skateboard areas, food stalls, restrooms, and parking areas. Not only that, witnessing the beauty of Lake Toba is another special activity that you should not miss.

The function of Parapat Free Beach as a public open which is one of the factors that make this place a hangout location. You even have the opportunity to watch various cultural art performances that are regularly organized by the locals. This is what makes the night at Parapat Free Beach always crowded. Even so, tourists are encouraged to maintain cleanliness in Parapat Free Beach and its surroundings to prevent damage to the ecosystem there.

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  • 3. Enjoy the night, sunset & sunrise di Gajah Bobok Hill

Gajah Bobok Hill is located in Pangambatan, Merek, in Karo Regency, North Sumatra Province. This hill has two hilltops with close each other. The land connecting the hills has formed a staircase with a handrail that will make it easier for tourists. The name of this hill is said to be taken from the shape that looks like a sleeping elephant from a distance. The two high hills are like a body, while the peninsula on the shores of Lake Toba is like an elephant’s trunk.

This tourist destination offers a panoramic view of Lake Toba from a height, so the view presented is very exotic. The blue of the lake framing the hills seems to add to the beauty presented. This tourist destination is also the target of adventurers to hunt for the charm of sunrise and sunset. No wonder this tourist village is also used as one of the favorite night tourist spots on Lake Toba by many tourists.

At night the village is beautiful. You can enjoy the night atmosphere from a height and see street lights from above as well as millions of stars in the sky. The beauty of the sparkling night sky that can be enjoyed from the top of the hill is a unique and interesting attraction.

Gajah Bobok Hill has also become a favorite tourist destination for camping. The flat land at the top of the hill is a suitable location to set up tents, especially on weekends. More and more novice hikers are spending their vacation in this village.

Although the air around feels cold, but at the night the more the number of tourists come. To do this fun activity, tourists must prepare enough equipment and supplies.

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  • 4. Tigarihit Village

Tigarihit Tourism Village is among the top 50 best tourism villages in the ADWI 2022 event. This village is located on the shores of Lake Toba. Tigarihit Tourism Village is quite unique because the houses are arranged vertically and painted in colorful colors, so this village is also known as Tigarihit Colorful Tourism Village.

The colorful houses of Tigarihit Tourism Village are in Girsang Sipangan Bolon sub-district, Simalungun district. More precisely located on Colonel TPR Sinaga Street, not far from Parapat City. The average resident of this village works as a tourism worker. Because they realize that their area can be used as a unique and interesting tourist spot. Then, they change the paint of their houses with various colors to create an interesting and beautiful spectrum that tourists can enjoy. In addition, mural art at a number of points in this village makes it even more beautiful and instagrammable.

Two fun activities that many travelers look forward are sunset and nighttime tours in the village. The sunset show on the shores of Lake Toba creates an exotic and beautiful scenery. In addition, at night there is a torchlight parade and also a lantern show that makes the night in this village brighter and so enchanting.

With various offers of beauty, Tigahirit is one of the exciting night tourist attractions on Lake Toba. Even now, tourists staying around Parapat can take a leisurely stroll while enjoying coffee and the beautiful sunset on the northern tip of Samosir Island or enjoy coffee while looking at the beautiful lanterns at night.

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  • 5. Brando Blues Bar

Lake Toba has a natural beauty that is famous throughout the country. No wonder this lake is so popular. Moreover, Lake Toba has legendary folklore and stunning natural scenery, including at night.

You can hang out at night spots on Lake Toba to enjoy its beauty when it’s dark. The sea-like waters of the lake are not choppy, very soothing and pampering. When dusk falls, you will also be presented with a beautiful view.

Like a beautiful painting, the sunset in the afternoon will decorate the surface of Lake Toba which is surrounded by mountains. Even at dusk, you will be presented with a unique sight, where fishermen return to the beach after fishing.

Another reason that causes Lake Toba to become a favorite tourist destination is the culinary around it that is appetizing and spoils the tongue. Around Lake Toba you will find many places to eat and hang out that serve a variety of delicious food and drinks. One of them is Brando Blues Bar where you can enjoy Lake Toba nightlife.

Brando Blues Bar is one of the original bars in Tuk Tuk. This bar is a great place to relax and hang out at night around Lake Toba. With pool tables and the occasional live music, you’ll have an exciting and unforgettable evening.

The availability of places to eat and drink as well as hang out around Lake Toba makes visitors certainly not going to be confused if they feel hungry and thirsty.

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Those are some Lake Toba nightlife and things to do at night that you can make a reference as your location to hang out at night on Lake Toba. In addition there are still many places to hangout on Lake Toba and Lake Toba nightlife spots that you can visit. You can rent a Lake Toba car rental or rent a Silangit Lake Toba car rental to facilitate transportation or you can also choose a tour package to Lake Toba for a comfortable trip.

3 Money Changers in Lake Toba, Foreign Money Exchange near Lake Toba, North Sumatra

There are several money changers in Lake Toba that operate. Money changer is a foreign money exchange to facilitate foreign tourists to exchange their currency to local currency to do any transactions such as shopping, buying souvenirs typical of Lake Toba, paying hotels in Lake Toba, to pay transportation costs and others. Lake Toba is one of the beautiful lakes that become a tourist destination, so the place of exchange of foreign currency in Lake Toba is needed by foreign tourists.

Holiday to Lake Toba is affordable and save the money, take a glimpse at the offers below:

Visiting Lake Toba, especially foreign tourists, need to exchange foreign currency into rupiah. Generally, tourists visit Lake Toba, some of them visit the cities on Lake Toba such as Parapat, Berastagi, Pematang Siantar and Balige. There are several money changers that you can visit to exchange foreign currency. The following money changer in Lake Toba:

  • 1. PT. Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia

PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is a money changer in Lake Toba located in Pematang Siantar City, North Sumatra. This money changer serves the exchange of United States dollars (USD) to rupiah, ringgit to rupiah, euro to rupiah, Singapore dollars to rupiah, pounds to rupiah and vice versa.

In addition to money changers, foreign tourists and people who want to travel abroad can also check currency exchange rates and converter rates here. The service is certainly very useful for those who want to get cheaper currency exchange rates.

PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is supported by employees who are ready to serve various types of money exchange requests. To provide comfort to tourists who come, there is also a clean room with several seats.

As a money changer that has a business license, PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia always provides the best service. That way, tourists will avoid the risk of receiving damaged or counterfeit money and various other acts of fraud. In order to exchange currency here, tourists must prepare the requested requirements. The requirements are usually an identity card and the money to be exchanged. Travelers must ensure that the money to be exchanged is genuine and in good condition.

If the money is too shabby or torn, PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia will most likely reject the currency exchange request. Most money changers will also not accept money combined with adhesive or staples, and PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is no exception.

The location of this money changer is quite close to a number of Siantar specialty restaurants that are famous for their delicacy. No wonder this place is the best choice for tourists who want to exchange money.

Not only helps tourists who want to exchange their currency into rupiah, the existence of this money changer is also visited by many foreign business people who work around Pematang Siantar. PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is open every Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 17.00.

See Also:

  • 2. Efata DolarAsia Money Changer

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is a money changer near Lake Toba. The address is in Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. The distance between Efata DolarAsia Money Changer and Lake Toba tourist attractions is only 1.6 km. Foreign tourists who run out of rupiah currency can immediately visit this money changer by walking for about 20 minutes. If you choose to use a private vehicle or public transportation, it takes approximately five minutes.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer does not only serve currency exchange. Some other services available here include, tour & travel packages including Medan holiday packages, Lake Toba holiday packages, Bukit Lawang jungle trekking tour, Medan Lake Toba bus rental, Medan Lake Toba Car Rental, and purchase domestic and foreign airline tickets. This money changer also has money transfer services abroad for various needs.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is very helpful for foreign tourists who want to do transaction more freely. For example, to shop for basic necessities while traveling, taste a variety of culinary specialties of North Sumatra and many other transactions.

For those who plan to travel abroad, you can also exchange money at Efata DolarAsia Money Changer. This trusted money changer offers an exchange rate that is not too different from the bank exchange rate. To save your vacation budget, you can first check the exchange rate of the country you plan to visit.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is open every day, including on public holidays from 08.00 to 20.00. Especially on Sundays, this money changer is only open until 18.00. To get the best exchange rate, you can come to Efata DolarAsia Money Changer in the morning.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is also present in Pulo Brayan Kota, Medan City. There is a delivery service available for certain areas with free shipping. To use this delivery service, you can call the company’s contact number available on the official website of Efata DolarAsia Money Changer.

See Also:

  • 3. Tuktuk Money Changer

Tuktuk Money Changer is one of the closest money changers in Lake Toba that serves buying and selling foreign exchange, both for personal and business needs. This foreign currency exchange place is located in Tuktuk Siadong, Simanindo, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

Not a few foreign tourists on vacation to Samosir use Tuktuk Money Changer services. Many residents around Samosir tourist attractions also entrust foreign currency exchange in this place. They exchange rupiah currency into foreign currency because they want to go on vacation abroad or for work purposes.

Regular money changers are indeed a cheaper alternative to money changers when compared to money changers at the airport. Money changers based at the airport generally charge a fairly high commission. This is because they know that tourists really need local money for the purposes of paying for public transportation there.

Tuktuk Money Changer is a solution for anyone who wants to exchange foreign currency quickly and easily. Not much different from other money changers, the commission on the exchange of money set by Tuktuk Money Changer is approximately 3% of the transaction value.

So, for those who want to exchange rupiah into foreign currency, you can consider visiting Tuktuk Money Changer. Here, you have the opportunity to get a foreign exchange rate at a cheaper price.

The location of Tuktuk Money Changer is quite easy to reach. The services provided by its employees are also very friendly and professional. Not only that, this money changer in Samosir Regency also has an office space that is safe and comfortable for visitors.

Before exchanging money at Tuktuk Money Changer, you should check the exchange rate first and choose an exchange time when the exchange rate is stable. The exchange rate itself is the price of a country’s currency valued with the currency of another country.

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Those are some money changers in Lake Toba that you can exchange foreign currency. Before you have to make sure in advance the reputation and exchange rate at the money changer for the convenience of the transaction.

5 Star Hotels in Lake Toba, Best Five Star Hotels in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

The first 5-star hotels in Lake Toba is Labersa Kaldera Resort which is targeted to be completed in 2024. Apart from Labersa Kaldera Resort, another five-star hotel on Lake Toba that has been operating is Marianna Resort Samosir.

Lake Toba is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Lake Toba is a super priority tourism destination area so that the area which is a Unesco Global Geopark area one of the government’s main focuses in developing the tourism industry. Previously a 4-star hotels in Lake Toba was established and then a world-class 5-star hotel is needed, because on Lake Toba, international events are often held, one of which is the Lake Toba F1 Powerboat racing event.

For those of you who are interested in exploring the beauty of Lake Toba with satisfying facilities, you can choose the following Lake Toba tour packages, Medan tour packages & Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Tour that we have designed for you:

A 5-star hotel in Lake Toba with international standards is a must considering the development of this super priority tourism area. There are many investors who are interested in building five-star hotels on Lake Toba. But apart from that, there are several 5-star hotels in Lake Toba that are already under construction and also operating. Here are the best five-star hotels on Lake Toba that will be operating:

  • 1. Marianna Resort

Marianna Resort is one of the 5-star hotels in Lake Toba which officially opened in 2022. The hotel is developed and owned by the Marclan International company. Being one of the best hotels in Lake Toba with five-star facilities offers a variety of stay experiences in the famous tourist area in Indonesia.

The hotel offers modern room facilities supported by internet of things (IoT) based technology with a stylish look of local wisdom and culture and adds comfort for tourists. In addition, there is a large ballroom, villas with beautiful views and views of the infinity pool and surrounding nature.

The hotel is also equipped with restaurant facilities, one of which is a rooftop terrace that offers a culinary experience from rooftop with a beautiful view that you can see while enjoying culinary dishes.

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Labersa Kaldera Resort is a 5-star hotel in Lake Toba that is targeted to be ready for operation in July 2024. After having a 4-star hotel and a selection of 3-star hotels in Lake Toba as well as resorts & villas in Lake Toba for family travelers, it is time for Lake Toba to soon have a luxurious five-star hotel with a variety of facilities.

Labersa Kaldera Resort is built in the location of The Kaldera Toba which will be a new attraction for tourists just like Taman Simalem Resort with the facilities and tours it offers. The design and construction of this hotel has been carefully prepared so that the hotel will be built with a good design.

Inside Labersa Kaldera Resort, a world-class waterpark will also be built which will add to the lineup of waterparks on Lake Toba. Just like Mickey Holiday Hotel & Resort with its funland and waterpark which is one of the best hotels in Berastagi. Labersa Kaldera Resort is owned by PT. Labersa Hutahaean which is located at the height of a hills in Lake Toba or precisely at The Kaldera Toba with stunning natural scenery.

Labersa previously also had several tourism businesses in Lake Toba, one of which was Labersa Toba Hotel & Convention Center, which is one of the best hotels in Balige. Balige itself is one of the cities in Lake Toba which is very interesting to visit because it has many historical and natural attractions. Huta Ginjang, Pakkodian Toba, Lumban Bulbul Beach and TB Silalahi Museum are very famous tourist attractions in Balige.

In addition, Hutahaean Group, which is a business group that owns Labersa Toba Hotel, also has a number of other businesses on Lake Toba, namely Toba Fantasi Waterpark & Themepark. The owner is Mr. Harangan Wilmar Hutahaean who is a someone origin from Toba Samosir. He is a successful businessman in Riau with plantation, property, contractor, transportation, hospitality and tourism business development such as golf courses and waterparks.

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Those are the 5-star hotels in Lake Toba that can be your accommodation choice later. In addition, there are still many accommodation options from four-star hotels to cheap accommodation on Lake Toba. But it depends on the choice of tourists according to comfort, budget, location, view and facilities.

3 Cities on Lake Toba, Beautiful Cities Near Lake Toba, North Sumatra

There are not too many cities on Lake Toba. There are currently only three cities near Lake Toba. However, there are 8 regencies in Lake Toba where the lake with a vast area like the ocean is located covering eight regencies.

To visit Lake Toba, you can choose the Lake Toba tour package to make it easier for you to explore this magnificent destination:

Lake Toba is a lake with a truly beautiful natural panorama. This tecto-volcanic lake is 100 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. There are several islands in the middle of Lake Toba, one of which is Samosir Island, which is famous for its natural, cultural and historical tourism. You can visit the island with an affordable ferry to Samosir Island. Well, did you know that there are also cities on Lake Toba. Here are the cities on Lake Toba that you can visit with their respective beauty:

  • 1. Parapat City

Parapat is one of the largest cities on Lake Toba, located on the north shore of Lake Toba. The city is one of the main tourist destinations in North Sumatra and is the location of the ferry port to Samosir Island. Parapat also connects other major cities in North Sumatra such as Medan, Berastagi with various other destinations on Lake Toba.

Parapat can be reached by rental car from Medan Parapat with a travel time within 4 hours. Here there are various hotels and resorts such as 4-star hotels on Lake Toba to lakeside hotel on Lake Toba with a beautiful lake view. There are many tourist attractions in Parapat that you can visit such as Bebas Parapat Beach, Gibeon Hill and so on.

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The city of Parapat has a variety of tourism such as historical tourism, nature tourism to culinary. There are various foods in Parapat that you can try, one of which is the most typical of dolung-dolung parapet. Here you can find a mix of buildings from modern architecture to traditional styles such as Batak Traditional Houses. In addition, you can also see a variety of Batak Culture here.

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  • 2. Balige City

Balige City is a city on Lake Toba located on the southern shore of Lake Toba. The city can be accessed by rental car from Silangit in just 40 minutes. Silangit Airport is one of the entrances to Lake Toba and one of the airports near Lake Toba. The city of Balige is famous for its strong culture and also famous history such as the Tomb of King Sisingamangaraja XII.

Balige is the capital of Toba Samosir Regency and the center of business and commerce. There are so many tourist attractions in Balige including stunning natural attractions such as Huta Ginjang, Lumban Bulbul Beach, and so on. Lumban Bulbul Beach is one of the famous beaches on Lake Toba and is a major tourist spot with a variety of attractions.

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Balige City is an important city both during the colonial period and today. This city is indeed very memorable coupled with best foods in Balige, one of which is Andaliman Pizza. Andaliman itself is one of the native flora in Lake Toba which is very distinctive and used as a spice. You can also find things to buy in Balige at souvenir shops in Balige and Silangit.

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  • 3. Pematang Siantar City

Pematang Siantar is a city near Lake Toba and one of the largest cities after Medan City. tourists heading to Lake Toba will stop for a moment in this city to buy souvenirs typical of Siantar, one of which is at Patten Shop which is a unique snack from Sintar.

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Pematangsiantar City or also called Sintar is very strategically located where this city is a route for tourists both from Medan to Parapat or to Lake Toba. Having many tourist attractions in Siantar makes tourists also visit this city. One of the famous tourist attractions is the Kwan Im Statue which is located inside the Avalokitesvara Monastery. This city is only 52 kilometers from Parapat.

Siantar is also famous for its Batak culture. You can find many Batak foods specialties and Batak souvenirs in this city. In addition, you can also find unique Batak drinks.

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Those are some of the cities on Lake Toba that you can visit with a variety of tours and unique things that you can see in the city. You can also visit the city in one visit.

Medan Travel Agency: Best Medan Travel Agent & Tour Services to Bukit Lawang & Lake Toba, North Sumatra

SWI Tour & Travel is one of the best Medan travel agency offering various travel and tour packages with experienced tour guide that make your holiday trip full of unforgettable memories. SWI Tour & Travel is a Medan travel agent located in Setiabudi, Medan, North Sumatra. We have the branch office both in Padang in West Sumatra and Aceh in the northernmost tip of Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

Planning the trip or travel to various destinations in Indonesia, SWI Tour & Travel as your preferred travel agency in Medan, North Sumatra can save your time by sorting all things. No need to bring you on trouble or stuck anywhere. Our Medan travel agent and tour service always help you.

SWI Tour & Travel offering exclusive tour packages with best price. As a full service travel agency, we are also offering fishing charters, scuba diving trips, free dive course, snorkeling tour, spearfishing to other adventurous trip such as hiking the mount, camping, surfing, kayaking to jungle trekking to see orangutans, elephants and other Sumatran wildlife.


What’s your next travel bucket list? Sumatra is one of the most beautiful and attractive place to visit. You will see many things ranging from magnificent underwater world, pristine beaches, virgin jungle to rich of cultural attractions. Here are the best travel packages we are offering to the destinations below:

  • 1. Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra

Mount Leuser National Park is one of the best places in the world to see orangutans. Bukit Lawang is part of it which one of the best place to meet them in Leuser National Park. There two places left in the world to see Orangutans, Sumatra and Borneo. Leuser National Park are very rich with wildlife and beautiful jungle. It’s home to various of birds, plants, mammals and other Sumatran wildlife. If you are happy with natural tourism and meet the orangutans, find out Bukit Lawang Orangutan Jungle Trekking tour package below:

Orangutans can be seen during the day. You can find the best time to visit and see them. Weather, peak season and fruiting season are the important things to determine best time to visit. You can get to know more about best time to visit Bukit Lawang below:

  • 2. Pulau Weh, Aceh
pulau weh

Pulau Weh is a tiny island which is well known as world class dive sites. With up to 20-30 dive spots scattered around the island with impressive marine life and coral reefs. It’s true paradise for divers. If you are happy to dive and meet many rare creatures such as mola-mola, devil rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, gigamouth sharks and the popular Capital world of Moray which is the spot where many species of moray, check out more about diving in Pulau Weh below:

Pulau Weh is not only popular as diving, snorkeling in Pulau Weh are also great while you can snorkel in Rubiah Sea Garden precisely in Rubiah Island. Pulau Weh or also known as Sabang Island has also many things to do ranging from free diving, spearfishing, fishing, jungle trek to volcano to visiting beautiful beaches in Pulau Weh. If you want to explore more of this island, you may check best things to do in Pulau Weh as follow:

  • 3. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba is the natural wonder of the world which is the largest caldera on earth. Lake Toba has beautiful landscapes, hills and mountains. There is a popular island in Lake Toba namely Samosir Island which is rich with unique Batak Culture. If you are happy to see the nature and the culture, you can see the following Lake Toba tour package:

Lake Toba has an areas of 1,707 kilometer square formed by gigantic volcanic eruptions 70.000 years ago. Lake Toba is one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and top priority tourism project by government. There are plenty of things to see at Lake Toba. Here are the exciting places to visit in Lake Toba:

  • 4. Banda Aceh, Aceh
banda aceh

Banda Aceh is the gateway to west Indonesian tourism and the capital of Aceh province located at the western most of Indonesia. Banda Aceh was hit by giant tsunami and earthquake on 2004 left a lots of deep memories. If you would like to see the cultural and historical sites, you can book the Banda Aceh Tour Package below:

Banda Aceh has rich with Aceh Culture and history during golden era of Aceh Kingdom. Banda Aceh is the perfect place for Aceh foods that rich in flavor. There are many things to do in Banda Aceh you can see as below:

Banda Aceh as the gateway to Aceh, while you can head to many other destinations including Pulau Weh, Takengon, Lhoknga Surfing Beach and Banyak Islands. There are plenty things to do in Aceh ranging from diving, islands hopping to surfing. Find out more about Aceh as below:

  • 5. Medan City, North Sumatra

Medan is the most visited city in Sumatra. tourists mostly stop overnight in Medan city to enjoy Medan foods, nightlife and visit some place before continue the journey to Bukit Lawang, Berastagi, Samosir, Lake Toba and other destinations in Sumatra. there are some popular things to do in Medan including shopping the souvenirs. To get around the city and other places in North Sumatra, you can book the Medan tour package as follow:

  • 6. Padang, West Sumatra

Padang is the capital of West Sumatra province. It’s the gateway to popular tourist places such as Mentawai Islands which is famous as surfing destination, Bukittingi, Bungus Beach and Kerinci Seblat National Park. Padang is well-known its Padang foods that’s so delicious. Padang is also consider as Minangkabau culture and worth to visit. Here are the best selections of West Sumatra tour package you can choose:

Padang is not only popular as food and culture, there are plenty things to do in Padang including surfing, diving and fishing. If you want to visit this place, you can see the interesting things to do in West Sumatra and Padang as follow:

  • 7. Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Islands is the islands in West Sumatra which is recognized as most perfect surf breaks in the world. It’s also known as endless surf breaks and heaven to surfers. Check out best things to do in Mentawai Islands below:

  • 8. Banyak Islands, Aceh

Banyak Islands is part of Aceh. it is the group of the islands where you can do surfing in the perfect surf breaks. There are lots of tiny islands to explore which is truly paradise. You can see a lots of turtles in these islands including green turtles, leatherback turtles, hawksbill turtles and many more. There are many best things to do in Banyak Islands including island hopping, kayaking, snorkeling, diving and fishing:

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SWI Tour and Travel is leading travel agency in Sumatra. we have professional and experienced Medan travel agent. We created good memories for travelers and bring you to explore beautiful places and enjoy good foods. We have high standard on services including the facilities.

Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung: Pine Forest Nature Tourism at Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, North Sumatra

Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung is a new nature tourism in North Sumatra, located precisely in Nagori Parik Rompian, Dolok Pardamaen District, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. The location is not far from the previously popular Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, which is a hill with an extraordinary view of Lake Toba with spectacular landscapes. Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung itself is a pine forest with green grass vegetation around and shady pine trees with beautiful panoramas.

For those of you who are the first time and want to visit the spectacular Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung and Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, you can see the Medan Tour Package & Lake Toba tour packages that we offer below where one of the agendas is to visit this beautiful hill. You can see the following offers:

Because it is overgrown with pine trees, Simarjarunjung Pine Hills is cooler with fresh air. To see a wider view of Lake Toba, from this place only a few views of the lake are visible, which is different from Indah Simarjarunjung Hill which offers a comprehensive view of the largest volcanic lake in the world. You can also see other beautiful views of Lake Toba from Sibea-bea Hill, Pusuk Buhit Hill, Holbung Hill, Sipolha Hill, Siadtaratas Hill, Sibeon Hill, Tara Bunga Hill and the Sipinsur Geosite.

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In this pine forest there are tourist facilities such as a gazebo for you if you like to have a picnic and relax in this place, paths to get to some interesting spots to enjoy the natural atmosphere of this place and also don’t forget a very good location for photography where you can capture the moment while visiting this tourist spot.

To get to this place is very easy where if you are from Parapat you immediately choose Jalan Bukit Simarjarunjung, besides that you can also go through Sidamanik District where you can stop at several interesting tourist spots such as tea plantations and enjoy the taste of coffee at the tea plantations.

For those of you who like camping, Pinus Hill Simarjarunjung is a great place for camping. Apart from being a place of recreation and camping, around this tourist location there are also many other tourist attractions that you can visit. Here are some of the closest tourist attractions to this pine forest.

Tourist Attractions Closest to Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung

Apart from the beautiful pine forest views, you can visit several tourist attractions with amazing views. Here are tourist attractions that you can visit:

Indah Simarjarunjung Hill is one of the popular tourist attractions on Lake Toba. This tourist spot offers a beautiful panorama with an extraordinary view of Lake Toba from a height. Here there are lots of instagramable photo spots.

Indah Sipintu Angin Panoramic Hill is one of the beautiful sights to take pictures at a height. The wide view of Lake Toba is one of the attractions for taking pictures in this place. This place is located on Jalan Simarjarunjung, Parik Lilinan, Dolok Pardamaen, Simalungun. Among the best photo spots in this place are taking pictures on trees, swings, peaks and giant bird nests.

Dolok Sipigul Nature Tourism is one of the natural attractions in the form of forests managed by farmer groups. Dolok Sipigul Nature Tourism has beautiful hilly landscapes and beautiful pine forests. In addition, natural nuances and cool mountain atmosphere are attractive places to visit.

Sirube-rube hill is one of the hills with natural scenery in the form of forests and trees. There are also pine forests, community plantations and beautiful flower plants.

Sipigul Hill is one of the hills in Sipintuangin which is one of the beautiful hills on Lake Toba. Sipigul Hill is in a government-owned forest where there is a pine forest. Access to this very natural hill is a bit difficult and is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level. But the view of this hill is the extraordinary scenery.

Paris Beach is one of the beautiful beaches on Lake Toba. This beach is located in Tigaras, Dolok Pardamean District, Simalungun, North Sumatra or about 4-5 hours drive from Medan City. since the opening of this beach, it become popular by tourists. Currently on the beach already available banana boat facilities, boats, bungalows and many other facilities.

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Those are some tourist attractions close to Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung that you can visit and enjoy sightseeing and stunning natural scenery.

Huta Ginjang Hill: Beautiful View of Lake Toba at the peak, North Sumatra

Huta Ginjang Hill is a hill where you can reach the peak to see almost all viewpoints of Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Huta Ginjang Peak is located in Sitanggor, Muara District, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, or about 6 hours from Medan city. Lake Toba is a lake which is a mainstay tourist attraction in Indonesia. This place is one of the priority tourist destinations in the archipelago.

For those of you who want to visit and holiday on Lake Toba, you can see the Medan Lake Toba Tour Packages that we offer directly to tourists with good and friendly service. You can see the Lake Toba tour package and other packages offers below:

Of course, many tourists want to see the beautiful view of Lake Toba from a height, one of which is this peak. In addition, there are many other peaks or hills with stunning views of Lake Toba such as Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, Sipolha Hill, Sibea-bea Hill, Burung Hill, Pusuk Buhit Hill, Holbung Hill, Siadtaratas Hill, Sibeon Hill, Tara Bunga Hill, Sipinsur Geosite and Pahoda Hill which both offer a beautiful panorama of Lake Toba from a height.

Huta Ginjang Hill Peak itself has a height of up to 1550 meters above sea level which offers views of the lake which is so calm accompanied by green and cool hills. This place is equipped with a seating area where visitors can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. although the facilities are not as complete as other tourist attractions in North Sumatra, there are also many visitors who come to enjoy the beautiful nuances of this place.

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Apart from offering a beautiful feel and a quiet place with stunning natural views, Puncak Huta Ginjang also has a pine forest full of green grass, just like the Simarjarunjung Pine Hills forest. You can also make this place as a place for a picnic.

For those of you who like more extreme adventures, you can try tandem flight or paragliding from this peak because there is an area that is usually used for paragliding. But for paragliding equipment, you can enjoy the charm of the activities offered in this place. The current tandem fee is Rp. 600,000,- per person. For reservations, you must order in advance with the condition that a minimum of 8 people. This tandem flight will fly you from Penatapan Hutaginjang and landing in Sitanggor Village.

For the location of Huta Ginjang Hill, it is very close to Silangit. Only within 15-25 minutes from Silangit International Airport. You can easily reach by rent a car in Silangit or rent a car in Medan if you are coming from Kuala Namu Airport. If you visit right after Christmas, this place is busier than usual because many Christian worshipers come to pray at the Taber Prayer Hill. This place is a famous religious tourist spot in Tapanuli.

Ompu Tuan Situmorang Monument

The Ompu Tuan Situmorang monument is a monument that symbolizes or confirms the descendants of the Sipitu Ama clans, where this monument aims to symbolize the greatness of the Sipitu Ama clan or also called the Sipitu Ama family descendants. This is because the spread of the Sipitu Ama clan is very wide on earth. The Situmorang monument has a high cultural value for the descendants of the Situmorang clan or now better known as the Batak tribes.

The Ompu Tuan Situmorang Monument or more commonly known as the Situmorang Monument was built and inaugurated on 5-7 July 1990. The Situmorang Monument has been revitalized or renewed exactly 29 years after its inauguration or more precisely on 13-15 September 2019.

The purpose of the construction of this Situmorang monument is to unite and maintain the integrity of the descendants of the Situmorang family, where in its implementation sati-sati or offerings are carried out in the hope of God Almighty so that all the great-grandchildren or descendants of Ompu Tuan Situmorang are given blessings and a long life in future. This offering ceremony is attended by the entire extended family of ompu siritumorang, where in its implementation ompu situmorang gives blessings (pasu), trusts, messages (tona) and advice.

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The Ompu Tuan Situmorang monument is located in North Sumatra or precisely in the village of Urat, Palipi sub-district, Samosir district, North Sumatra. To get to Samosir we can choose one of the two alternative roads that we like. The first is by road, where we can go through the Tele road which connects Samosir with Humbang Hasundutan district. The second alternative is to use a ferry where there are four jetties that we can choose according to our wishes and each of these jetties provides several different ship schedules in their departure to Samosir.

See Also:

In addition to the Ompu Tuan Situmorang Monument, there are also several other tourist attractions such as the Pandang Tele Tower, Efrata Waterfall, Holbung Hill, Aek Rangat Pangururan Hot Spring, Batak Museum, Beta Tuk-Tuk Hill, Parbaba Beach, Batu of the Chair King Siallangan, Sibea bea Hill and many others.