3 Cities on Lake Toba, Beautiful Cities Near Lake Toba, North Sumatra

There are not too many cities on Lake Toba. There are currently only three cities near Lake Toba. However, there are 8 regencies in Lake Toba where the lake with a vast area like the ocean is located covering eight regencies.

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Lake Toba is a lake with a truly beautiful natural panorama. This tecto-volcanic lake is 100 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. There are several islands in the middle of Lake Toba, one of which is Samosir Island, which is famous for its natural, cultural and historical tourism. You can visit the island with an affordable ferry to Samosir Island. Well, did you know that there are also cities on Lake Toba. Here are the cities on Lake Toba that you can visit with their respective beauty:

  • 1. Parapat City

Parapat is one of the largest cities on Lake Toba, located on the north shore of Lake Toba. The city is one of the main tourist destinations in North Sumatra and is the location of the ferry port to Samosir Island. Parapat also connects other major cities in North Sumatra such as Medan, Berastagi with various other destinations on Lake Toba.

Parapat can be reached by rental car from Medan Parapat with a travel time within 4 hours. Here there are various hotels and resorts such as 4-star hotels on Lake Toba to lakeside hotel on Lake Toba with a beautiful lake view. There are many tourist attractions in Parapat that you can visit such as Bebas Parapat Beach, Gibeon Hill and so on.

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The city of Parapat has a variety of tourism such as historical tourism, nature tourism to culinary. There are various foods in Parapat that you can try, one of which is the most typical of dolung-dolung parapet. Here you can find a mix of buildings from modern architecture to traditional styles such as Batak Traditional Houses. In addition, you can also see a variety of Batak Culture here.

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  • 2. Balige City

Balige City is a city on Lake Toba located on the southern shore of Lake Toba. The city can be accessed by rental car from Silangit in just 40 minutes. Silangit Airport is one of the entrances to Lake Toba and one of the airports near Lake Toba. The city of Balige is famous for its strong culture and also famous history such as the Tomb of King Sisingamangaraja XII.

Balige is the capital of Toba Samosir Regency and the center of business and commerce. There are so many tourist attractions in Balige including stunning natural attractions such as Huta Ginjang, Lumban Bulbul Beach, and so on. Lumban Bulbul Beach is one of the famous beaches on Lake Toba and is a major tourist spot with a variety of attractions.

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Balige City is an important city both during the colonial period and today. This city is indeed very memorable coupled with best foods in Balige, one of which is Andaliman Pizza. Andaliman itself is one of the native flora in Lake Toba which is very distinctive and used as a spice. You can also find things to buy in Balige at souvenir shops in Balige and Silangit.

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  • 3. Pematang Siantar City

Pematang Siantar is a city near Lake Toba and one of the largest cities after Medan City. tourists heading to Lake Toba will stop for a moment in this city to buy souvenirs typical of Siantar, one of which is at Patten Shop which is a unique snack from Sintar.

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Pematangsiantar City or also called Sintar is very strategically located where this city is a route for tourists both from Medan to Parapat or to Lake Toba. Having many tourist attractions in Siantar makes tourists also visit this city. One of the famous tourist attractions is the Kwan Im Statue which is located inside the Avalokitesvara Monastery. This city is only 52 kilometers from Parapat.

Siantar is also famous for its Batak culture. You can find many Batak foods specialties and Batak souvenirs in this city. In addition, you can also find unique Batak drinks.

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Those are some of the cities on Lake Toba that you can visit with a variety of tours and unique things that you can see in the city. You can also visit the city in one visit.

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