Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung: Pine Forest Nature Tourism at Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, North Sumatra

Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung is a new nature tourism in North Sumatra, located precisely in Nagori Parik Rompian, Dolok Pardamaen District, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. The location is not far from the previously popular Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, which is a hill with an extraordinary view of Lake Toba with spectacular landscapes. Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung itself is a pine forest with green grass vegetation around and shady pine trees with beautiful panoramas.

For those of you who are the first time and want to visit the spectacular Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung and Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, you can see the Medan Tour Package & Lake Toba tour packages that we offer below where one of the agendas is to visit this beautiful hill. You can see the following offers:

Because it is overgrown with pine trees, Simarjarunjung Pine Hills is cooler with fresh air. To see a wider view of Lake Toba, from this place only a few views of the lake are visible, which is different from Indah Simarjarunjung Hill which offers a comprehensive view of the largest volcanic lake in the world. You can also see other beautiful views of Lake Toba from Sibea-bea Hill, Pusuk Buhit Hill, Holbung Hill, Sipolha Hill, Siadtaratas Hill, Sibeon Hill, Tara Bunga Hill and the Sipinsur Geosite.

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In this pine forest there are tourist facilities such as a gazebo for you if you like to have a picnic and relax in this place, paths to get to some interesting spots to enjoy the natural atmosphere of this place and also don’t forget a very good location for photography where you can capture the moment while visiting this tourist spot.

To get to this place is very easy where if you are from Parapat you immediately choose Jalan Bukit Simarjarunjung, besides that you can also go through Sidamanik District where you can stop at several interesting tourist spots such as tea plantations and enjoy the taste of coffee at the tea plantations.

For those of you who like camping, Pinus Hill Simarjarunjung is a great place for camping. Apart from being a place of recreation and camping, around this tourist location there are also many other tourist attractions that you can visit. Here are some of the closest tourist attractions to this pine forest.

Tourist Attractions Closest to Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung

Apart from the beautiful pine forest views, you can visit several tourist attractions with amazing views. Here are tourist attractions that you can visit:

Indah Simarjarunjung Hill is one of the popular tourist attractions on Lake Toba. This tourist spot offers a beautiful panorama with an extraordinary view of Lake Toba from a height. Here there are lots of instagramable photo spots.

Indah Sipintu Angin Panoramic Hill is one of the beautiful sights to take pictures at a height. The wide view of Lake Toba is one of the attractions for taking pictures in this place. This place is located on Jalan Simarjarunjung, Parik Lilinan, Dolok Pardamaen, Simalungun. Among the best photo spots in this place are taking pictures on trees, swings, peaks and giant bird nests.

Dolok Sipigul Nature Tourism is one of the natural attractions in the form of forests managed by farmer groups. Dolok Sipigul Nature Tourism has beautiful hilly landscapes and beautiful pine forests. In addition, natural nuances and cool mountain atmosphere are attractive places to visit.

Sirube-rube hill is one of the hills with natural scenery in the form of forests and trees. There are also pine forests, community plantations and beautiful flower plants.

Sipigul Hill is one of the hills in Sipintuangin which is one of the beautiful hills on Lake Toba. Sipigul Hill is in a government-owned forest where there is a pine forest. Access to this very natural hill is a bit difficult and is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level. But the view of this hill is the extraordinary scenery.

Paris Beach is one of the beautiful beaches on Lake Toba. This beach is located in Tigaras, Dolok Pardamean District, Simalungun, North Sumatra or about 4-5 hours drive from Medan City. since the opening of this beach, it become popular by tourists. Currently on the beach already available banana boat facilities, boats, bungalows and many other facilities.

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Those are some tourist attractions close to Pinus Hills Simarjarunjung that you can visit and enjoy sightseeing and stunning natural scenery.

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