3 Money Changers in Lake Toba, Foreign Money Exchange near Lake Toba, North Sumatra

There are several money changers in Lake Toba that operate. Money changer is a foreign money exchange to facilitate foreign tourists to exchange their currency to local currency to do any transactions such as shopping, buying souvenirs typical of Lake Toba, paying hotels in Lake Toba, to pay transportation costs and others. Lake Toba is one of the beautiful lakes that become a tourist destination, so the place of exchange of foreign currency in Lake Toba is needed by foreign tourists.

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Visiting Lake Toba, especially foreign tourists, need to exchange foreign currency into rupiah. Generally, tourists visit Lake Toba, some of them visit the cities on Lake Toba such as Parapat, Berastagi, Pematang Siantar and Balige. There are several money changers that you can visit to exchange foreign currency. The following money changer in Lake Toba:

  • 1. PT. Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia

PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is a money changer in Lake Toba located in Pematang Siantar City, North Sumatra. This money changer serves the exchange of United States dollars (USD) to rupiah, ringgit to rupiah, euro to rupiah, Singapore dollars to rupiah, pounds to rupiah and vice versa.

In addition to money changers, foreign tourists and people who want to travel abroad can also check currency exchange rates and converter rates here. The service is certainly very useful for those who want to get cheaper currency exchange rates.

PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is supported by employees who are ready to serve various types of money exchange requests. To provide comfort to tourists who come, there is also a clean room with several seats.

As a money changer that has a business license, PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia always provides the best service. That way, tourists will avoid the risk of receiving damaged or counterfeit money and various other acts of fraud. In order to exchange currency here, tourists must prepare the requested requirements. The requirements are usually an identity card and the money to be exchanged. Travelers must ensure that the money to be exchanged is genuine and in good condition.

If the money is too shabby or torn, PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia will most likely reject the currency exchange request. Most money changers will also not accept money combined with adhesive or staples, and PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is no exception.

The location of this money changer is quite close to a number of Siantar specialty restaurants that are famous for their delicacy. No wonder this place is the best choice for tourists who want to exchange money.

Not only helps tourists who want to exchange their currency into rupiah, the existence of this money changer is also visited by many foreign business people who work around Pematang Siantar. PT Rezeki Valuta Asing Indonesia is open every Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 17.00.

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  • 2. Efata DolarAsia Money Changer

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is a money changer near Lake Toba. The address is in Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. The distance between Efata DolarAsia Money Changer and Lake Toba tourist attractions is only 1.6 km. Foreign tourists who run out of rupiah currency can immediately visit this money changer by walking for about 20 minutes. If you choose to use a private vehicle or public transportation, it takes approximately five minutes.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer does not only serve currency exchange. Some other services available here include, tour & travel packages including Medan holiday packages, Lake Toba holiday packages, Bukit Lawang jungle trekking tour, Medan Lake Toba bus rental, Medan Lake Toba Car Rental, and purchase domestic and foreign airline tickets. This money changer also has money transfer services abroad for various needs.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is very helpful for foreign tourists who want to do transaction more freely. For example, to shop for basic necessities while traveling, taste a variety of culinary specialties of North Sumatra and many other transactions.

For those who plan to travel abroad, you can also exchange money at Efata DolarAsia Money Changer. This trusted money changer offers an exchange rate that is not too different from the bank exchange rate. To save your vacation budget, you can first check the exchange rate of the country you plan to visit.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is open every day, including on public holidays from 08.00 to 20.00. Especially on Sundays, this money changer is only open until 18.00. To get the best exchange rate, you can come to Efata DolarAsia Money Changer in the morning.

Efata DolarAsia Money Changer is also present in Pulo Brayan Kota, Medan City. There is a delivery service available for certain areas with free shipping. To use this delivery service, you can call the company’s contact number available on the official website of Efata DolarAsia Money Changer.

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  • 3. Tuktuk Money Changer

Tuktuk Money Changer is one of the closest money changers in Lake Toba that serves buying and selling foreign exchange, both for personal and business needs. This foreign currency exchange place is located in Tuktuk Siadong, Simanindo, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

Not a few foreign tourists on vacation to Samosir use Tuktuk Money Changer services. Many residents around Samosir tourist attractions also entrust foreign currency exchange in this place. They exchange rupiah currency into foreign currency because they want to go on vacation abroad or for work purposes.

Regular money changers are indeed a cheaper alternative to money changers when compared to money changers at the airport. Money changers based at the airport generally charge a fairly high commission. This is because they know that tourists really need local money for the purposes of paying for public transportation there.

Tuktuk Money Changer is a solution for anyone who wants to exchange foreign currency quickly and easily. Not much different from other money changers, the commission on the exchange of money set by Tuktuk Money Changer is approximately 3% of the transaction value.

So, for those who want to exchange rupiah into foreign currency, you can consider visiting Tuktuk Money Changer. Here, you have the opportunity to get a foreign exchange rate at a cheaper price.

The location of Tuktuk Money Changer is quite easy to reach. The services provided by its employees are also very friendly and professional. Not only that, this money changer in Samosir Regency also has an office space that is safe and comfortable for visitors.

Before exchanging money at Tuktuk Money Changer, you should check the exchange rate first and choose an exchange time when the exchange rate is stable. The exchange rate itself is the price of a country’s currency valued with the currency of another country.

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Those are some money changers in Lake Toba that you can exchange foreign currency. Before you have to make sure in advance the reputation and exchange rate at the money changer for the convenience of the transaction.

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