Padang Mandeh Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights – Mandeh Islands West Sumatra Holiday Trip 4D3N

Padang Bukittinggi & Mandeh Tour Package is a holiday package that is highly recommended for those of you who want to find a vacation with an amazing trip with a variety of tourist facilities. Padang Bukit Tinggi & Mandeh Island tour package for 4 days 3 nights is one of the exciting holiday destinations where you can enjoy sightseeing in the beautiful cities of Padang, Bukittinggi and Mandeh Island.

With the Padang Bukittinggi & Mandeh Tour Package for 4 days 3 nights (4D3N), you can enjoy a variety of tours such as stunning natural attractions such as waterfalls, panoramic views of beautiful canyons and landscapes, cultural and historical sites where Padang is known to be very popular with its cultural values. Culinary delight where Padang food are well known throughout the Indonesia to islands with beautiful beaches and stunning underwater attractions.

One of the destinations on this tour program is the Mandeh Islands, you will be taken to see the Mandeh beautiful scenery from the hilltop. Apart from seeing the stunning views from a height, you will also be taken on a tour to visit several islands in Mandeh where you can see a tropical paradise on Mandeh Island.

Padang Bukittinggi & Mandeh Tour Package for 4 days 3 nights (4D3N) is includes transportation, accommodation, meals, boat to Mandeh Island, snorkeling equipment, guide/driver, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, parking and mineral water during the tour. This holiday package to Padang, Bukittinggi and Mandeh is perfect for those of you who are looking for a fun vacation to see the beauty of nature, marine tourism, culture and culinary delights.

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  • 1 Night in Bukittinggi (3 Stars)
  • 2 Nights in Padang (3 Stars)

Tour Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights

Tour Type: Private Tour

Tour Destinations: Padang, Bukittinggi & Mandeh Island

Padang Bukittinggi & Mandeh Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

Day 01: Padang – Lawang Park – Bukittinggi

  • On arrival at Minangkabau Airport
  • You will be picked up and greeting by the SWI Tour & Travel Padang team
  • Heading out to Bukittinggi via Padang Panjang
  • Visiting Anai Valley Waterfall
  • Visit the PDIKM Museum
  • Having lunch
  • Tour to Pandai Sikek Village
  • Enjoy a special cake at Rumah Bika Talago
  • Visiting Koto Gadang Village
  • Enjoying the View at Lawang Park
  • Arrival in Bukittinggi
  • Hotel check-in
  • Dinner at local restaurant
  • Free program

Day 02: Bukittinggi Tour – 9 Curved Bridge – Harau Valley – Padang City

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check out the hotel
  • Visit the Panorama Park
  • Seeing the beautiful sights of the Sianok Canyon
  • Historical Tour to Japanese Cave
  • Visit the Clock Tower
  • Shopping for souvenirs at the Pasar Atas Market
  • Visit the 9 Curved Bridge, a winding road with magnificent view.
  • Visit and see the panoramic view of the Harau Valley
  • Having lunch
  • Cultural & historical tour to the Basa Pagaruyung Palace
  • Visiting the Tabek Patah
  • Visit Nagari Pariangan
  • Transfer to the Padang city
  • Dinner
  • Check in to the hotel
  • Free program

Day 03: Mandeh Tour – Island Tour – Padang

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Tour to Mandeh hill, a breathtaking views of Tarusan Bay with gorgeous islands view
  • Transfer to the pier and taking a Boat to Mandeh Island
  • Islands Hopping by visiting Sironjong Gadang Island.
  • Travel to Sironjong Ketek Island and Kapo-kapo Village to see the panoramic view of the Mangrove Forest
  • Having lunch
  • Continuing the tour by visiting Setan Island
  • Visiting the Gemuruh River & Waterfall
  • Return back to Padang
  • Dinner at West Sumatra Typical Grilled Fish
  • Return to the hotel
  • Free program

Day 04: Padang Tour – Departure

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check out Hotel
  • Visiting the Siti Nurbaya Bridge & Seeing the Old City of Padang
  • Visiting Padang Beach
  • Visiting Muaro Lasak
  • Having lunch
  • Visiting the Grand Mosque of Padang
  • Transfer to the Airport
  • Tour completed

Price Includes:

  • Full AC transportation during the tour
  • Hotel (3 Nights) twin sharing
  • Meals subject to the Program
  • Boat to Mandeh Island
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Entrance Tickets to Tourist Attractions Parking fee
  • Mineral Water 1x a day
  • Driver/Guide

Price Exclude:

  • Flight ticket
  • Personal Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips

Terms and Conditions

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West Sumatra is not only about delicious culinary delights, but the charm of nature and culture that still well preserved. In West Sumatra you can enjoy a variety of tours ranging from beaches, mountains, hills, valleys, canyons, lakes, islands, culture to stunning marine tourism. All you can enjoy in Minangkabau land.

Padang Bukittinggi and Mandeh tour package for 4 days 3 nights are very attractive tour packages for you where you can enjoy a complete holiday.