Medan Lake Toba Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights, Toba Lake, Samosir, Berastagi & Medan Tour, North Sumatra

Medan Lake Toba tour package 4 days 3 nights is a holiday package that we offered to visit one of the largest lakes in Southeast Asia, you will not only have a great tour to Lake Toba but also to other popular destinations in North Sumatra. Among the destination that we will be taking you on vacation and sightseeing tour are Berastagi which is one of the Karo Highlands and one of popular tourist destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Berastagi is located between two active volcanoes namely Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung. It is well known as important supplying vegetables and fruits region in North Sumatra.

Besides being taken on a tour to Lake Toba, Berastagi and Medan city, you will also be taken to see the famous tourist attractions on Samosir Island by crossing to the island using a tourist boat from Parapat. You will visit incredible Tomok tourism village where along the way you will enjoy stunning natural attractions, interesting historical places and seeing Batak culture.

Along the journey starting from Kuala Namu International Airport in Deli Serdang all the way through the city of Medan, Tebing Tinggi town, Pematang Siantar, Parapat to Berastagi you will see a lots of interesting tourist attractions ranging from natural sights where you can see mountains, beautiful hills, waterfalls, tourism villages, plantations, forest to traditional markets. You will also having unique culinary delights both in Medan and Lake Toba. In addition, we will also taking you for religious and history tour to see the beautiful architecture of Medan Grand Mosque, largest temples to Maimun Palace. Finally before departure at last day you are in Medan, we are guiding and drive you to local souvenirs and handicraft if you have something to buy as a gift.

lake toba tour package

Following the detail and itinerary of Medan Lake Toba Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Price of Medan Lake Toba Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Number of PaxPrice in US$ per personPrice in Euro per personPrice in SGD per personPrice in IDR per person
2 Pax
3 Pax
4-5 Pax
6-7 Pax
8-9 Pax
Up to 10 Pax

Notes: price can be changed depend on exchange rates. The price do not apply due to high season.


  • 1 Night in Parapat (3 Star Hotel)
  • 1 Night in Berastagi (3 Star Hotel)
  • 1 Night in Medan (3 Star Hotel)

Tour Duration: 4 days 3 nights

Tour Type: Private Tour

Destinations: Medan, Lake Toba, Parapat, Samosir, Berastagi

Contact us for inquiries and booking:

          Whatsapp: +6281282334883


Itinerary of Medan Lake Toba Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Day 01: Kuala Namu Airport – Medan – Parapat (L/D)

  • SWI Tour & travel team will greet you at Kuala Namu Airport.
  • Having lunch at a local restaurant
  • Transfer to Parapat (Approximately 4 hours driving)
  • You will passing the city of Tebing Tinggi and enjoy the view from the transport.
  • Arriving at Pematang Siantar city
  • Visit the Patten Shop, Siantar’s unique snack center
  • Continue the journey to Parapat
  • Arrive in Parapat
  • Check-in Hotel
  • Enjoy the view of Lake Toba from your hotel
  • Having dinner at local restaurant
  • Free Program


  • Tebing Tinggi City
  • Pematang Siantar
  • Patten Shop
  • Parapat
  • Lake Toba

Day 02: Samosir Island & Berastagi Tour (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Transfer to the pier and transfer to Samosir Island (45 minutes by boat)
  • Tuk-tuk Samosir Village Tour (Special for up to 10 participants of the group tour) Visit the tomb of King Sidabutar and listening to the history of the legend of Melala.
  • Tomok village tour
  • Return to Parapat by boat
  • Arrive in Parapat, check out hotel & transfer to Berastagi
  • Along the way stop at Simarjarunjung Hill to enjoy the beauty of panoramic view of Lake Toba.
  • Visiting the Pematang Purba, A palace of the King of Batak Simalungun.
  • Continue the journey to Tongging Village
  • Visit the Sipiso-piso waterfall at Tongging village.
  • Having lunch at Tongging village
  • Transfer to Berastagi
  • Up on arrival at Berastagi, tour to Gundaling Hill to see magnificent view of Mount Sibayak & Sinabung.
  • Check in Hotel
  • Having dinner at local restaurant
  • Free program


  • Samosir Island
  • Tomok Village
  • Tomb of King Sidabutar
  • Simarjarunjung Hill Viewpoint
  • Tongging Village
  • Sipiso-piso waterfall
  • Berastagi
  • Gundaling Hill View

Day 03: Berastagi & Medan City Tour (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check out Hotel
  • Visit Berastagi Fruit Market
  • Visit the Swedaghon Pagoda and Berastagi’s Lumbini Park
  • Transfer to Medan City
  • Lunch in Medan
  • After lunch, visit the oldest crocodile farm
  • Visit Maimun Palace
  • Visit Medan Grand Mosque
  • Visit the Gunung Timur temple and Sri Mariaman Temple
  • Check-in Hotel
  • Dinner at local restaurant
  • Night tour of Medan city by visiting Durian Ucok (personal expense), Merdeka Walk and Kesawan
  • Back to the hotel
  • Free program


  • Berastagi Fruit Market
  • Swedaghon Pagoda
  • Lumbini Park
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Maimun Palace
  • Gunung Timur Temple
  • Sri Mariaman Temple
  • Merdeka Walk
  • Kesawan

Day 04: Medan City Tour – Departure

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check-out Hotel
  • Visit the Noerlen’s Passion Fruit Syrup, a local syrup factory
  • Visit to Tjong A Fie House
  • Shopping the souvenirs
  • Transfer to the airport


  • Noerlen Passion Fruit Syrup House
  • Tjong A Fie’s House
  • Souvenirs Shop

The Price Included:

  • Aircond transport
  • 3 Night accommodations on twin sharing based on 3 stars hotel
  • Meal subject to program
  • Parking fee
  • Entrance ticket to tourist attractions listed on itinerary
  • Mineral water once daily
  • Driver/Guide
  • Boat to Samosir

The price excluded:

  • Flight ticket
  • Personal Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tip

Terms and Conditions:

  • Booking via Whatsapp or Email
  • Tour is confirmed if you have make a down payment of 40%.
  • The remains payment of the tour can be made no later than the first day when you have met our guide/driver.
  • Payment by transfer to the Company’s Bank Account or cash.
  • Booking without Deposit will be non-binding and can be canceled without prior notice.

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Tour Galleries of Medan Lake Toba Tour Package

Overview of the Tourist Destinations that you will visit during the tour:

Medan: Medan is the capital of the province of North Sumatra and the main entry point for tourists. Generally, tourists spend the night in Medan for transit and just a city tour and continue the journey to Parapat, Lake Toba or Bukit Lawang.

Lake Toba: Lake Toba is one of the largest volcanic lakes in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia which has many beautiful and enchanting views. This lake created from a very powerful volcanic eruption with an area of ​​​​approximately 1,707 square kilometers. The stretch of hills that surround the lake offers a stunning panorama. In the middle of the lake there is a famous island, namely Samosir Island with an area of ​​627 square kilometers. With its tourist attraction, this lake invites many tourists to visit both local and foreign tourists.

Berastagi: Berastagi is a highland precisely in the Karo Highlands with views of the most popular mountains in North Sumatra. Located 66 kilometers from Medan. Berastagi is surrounded by two active volcanoes, namely Sibayak volcano (2,094 m) and Sinabung volcano (2,451 m). Berastagi is located 1,400 meters above sea level. Berastagi has a very beautiful panorama and a paradise for mountain lovers for hiking (climbing). Berastagi is also known as a fruit and vegetable producing area, so you can buy it at a very affordable price at the fruit market.

Tebing Tinggi: City of Tebing Tinggi is one of the cities in North Sumatra that connects the eastern route and the central route, namely Medan, Tebingtinggi, Pematangsiantar, Parapat, Balige and Siborong-borong. The city is known for its history and delicious food, including the typical food of Lemang Tebingtinggi.

Pematang Siantar: Pematang Siantar is a city in North Sumatra located in the middle of Simalungun district. Pematangsiantar has a royal history with the last king known as Tuan Sang Nawaluh Damanik. The location of Pematangsiantar city is very strategic because it is traversed by a cross-Sumatra highway that connects land roads to a number of districts including Toba Samosir, North Tapanuli and South Tapanuli so it is known as a tourist transit city to Parapat and Lake Toba.

Samosir Island: Samosir Island is located in the middle of Lake Toba with an island area of ​​627 sq km. On this island there are so many tourist attractions both natural, historical and cultural.

Parapat: Parapat is located in the large bay of Lake Toba. Parapat is the main tourist city in North Sumatra and one of the biggest tourist attractions in North Sumatra. It is located 176 kilometers from Medan on the north shore of the lake. To go to Parapat will take approximately 3 to 4 hours by car.

Interesting Tourist Places that You Should Not Miss During the Tour

In this Medan Lake Toba tour package, there are several tourist attractions in Medan, Lake Toba, Samosir to Berastagi that you can’t just miss. Here are the tourist attractions that you must visit during this tour:

Tomok Village

Tomok Village is one of the Batak tribal villages located on Samosir Island. Tomok Village is one of the main visiting points which is very important on Samosir Island for tourists. The village is located approximately 9 kilometers from Parapat by tourist boat. Here there is the tomb of King Sidabutar who was the first king who ruled Samosir Island several hundred years ago. Tourists who visit the Tomb of King Sidabutar will later hear the history of the king’s love story or known as the legend of the very beautiful Anting Melala. In Toba Batak villages such as Tomok Village, you will see rows of traditional Batak houses in the form of large wooden houses with saddle-shaped roofs made of “ijuk”. But now many have been replaced with longer lasting ones. The name of this traditional Batak house is called “Jabu” or Bolon House. To see the best Bolon House, you can visit the King Sidauruk House in Simanindo which is now a museum and often holds Sigale-gale puppet dances and performances. To see the architectural diversity of Batak traditional houses, you can visit TB Silalahi and the Batak Museum in Belige which is located on the southernmost shore of Lake Toba.

Simarjarunjung Hill

Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung (BIS) is one of the natural tourist attractions located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level with hills overgrown with trees such as pine trees, green grass and so on. Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung is part of the Bukit Barisan mountains with a beautiful view of Lake Toba as a backdrop. This place is one of the best photo spots and a place to watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset).

Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia, located at Tongging Village, Merek District, Karo Regency, North Sumatra. This waterfall has a height of up to 120 meters so that it falls vertically which flows into the Pajanebolon River which then flows into Lake Toba.

Gundaling Hill

Gundaling Hill is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Karo Regency which is located at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters above sea level. This hill offers natural scenery in the form of panoramic views of Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung as well as green agricultural areas. The air here is cool with beautiful views so tourists feel at home for long in this place.

Berastagi Fruit Market

Berastagi is a highland that is famous for its agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products that are abundant. Berastagi Fruit Market is one of the fruit markets where you can buy a variety of fresh fruits with a nice and sweet taste. Shopping for fruit at Berastagi Fruit Market can be an agenda to fill your spare time when visiting Berastagi.

Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm Medan is one of the oldest crocodile farms which has become a tourist spot with a unique educational tourism concept. The Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm has various types of crocodiles including Sengulong and estuarine crocodiles which are located in an area of ​​2 hectares. Besides crocodiles, there are also pythons, cobras, monkeys, turtles and hundreds of white storks.

Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace or also known as the Deli Sultan’s Palace is the Deli sultanate palace which was built in 1888 during the reign of Sultan Makmun Al-Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah. This palace is located on Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Sukaraja, Medan Maimun. Since 1946 this palace has been inhabited by the heirs of the Deli sultanate with an area of ​​​​about 2,772 meters with a 4 hectare yard. Maimun Palace has a unique architectural blend of Middle Eastern, Mongol, Indian, Spanish, Dutch and Malay architecture. In addition to frequent art performances, visitors can also see the royal collections.

Merdeka Walk

Merdeka Walk is one of the popular culinary areas in the city of Medan. This place has a lot of dishes and culinary delights ranging from local food, Chinese, Asian to European food. Merdeka Walk also has entertainment events such as live music, youth creativity events, rap and many others.

Noerlen Passion Syrup House

Noerlen Passion Syrup House is one of the passion fruit syrup home industry in the city of Medan. This place is also one of the educational attractions in Medan where tourists can see the process of making passion fruit syrup until it can be drunk directly. The raw material for passion fruit is obtained directly from Berastagi, which is located in the Karo highlands. Now passion fruit syrup noerlen is a typical Medan gifts which is famous for its fresh taste and no preservatives.

Tjong A Fie’s House

The house of Tjong A Fie Mansion is the residence of a prominent figure of Chinese descent who is influential in the development of the city of Medan. He was a wealthy banker who played a role in the development of the city of Medan, which had close ties to the Deli Sultanate, the Dutch East Indies Government and the Chinese Empire. Currently, the residence of Tjong A Fie is one of the historical tourist destinations in Medan.

Unique and Typical Culinary to Try During the Tour

Medan is famous for its culinary rich in taste. Typical Medan food is also known to be delicious and an attraction in itself. Culinary characteristics in Medan have their own taste which is influenced by ethnic groups in Medan such as Batak, Javanese, Chinese, Mandailing and Indian. A visit to Medan is incomplete if you don’t try the famous traditional food. The following is a list of Medan foods and dishes:

Soto Medan

Soto Medan is one of the most famous Medan culinary which has a characteristic yellow coconut milk sauce where the spices are very tasteful. Soto Medan has several kinds, such as chicken soup, beef soup with a mixture of gravy that has been mixed with ground spices such as ginger, turmeric, cumin, onion, garlic, galangal, coriander, black pepper, lime leaves, star anise and so on. Its distinctive aroma is unique and tastes great.

Egg Milk Tea

The egg milk is one of the typical Medan drinks that you should try. This drink is a combination of hot tea with milk and eggs. Not only milk and egg yolks, it is also added a little sugar and lime wedges. This drink is perfect for those of you who want to warm up the body at night.

Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon is a typical Medan cake that is often purchase by tourist as a gift. This cake is very popular with a distinctive taste where the cake is soft and tender with an extraordinary aroma. The texture and shape is like a honeycomb with the natural color of egg yolk and turmeric.

Martabak Piring

Martabak Piring Murni is one of the unique and rich-tasting food that you can get in the city of Medan. This martabak is very popular and is often taking a show in TV broadcasts. Martabak is placed on a plate and then sprinkled with toppings according to your order ranging from chocolate, nuts, cheese or a mixture of chocolate cheese, chocolate nuts and so on. This cake is crowded with buyers, especially at night.

Simalungun Banana Fried

Simalungun Fried Banana is one of Simalungun’s special foods. In addition to fried bananas, Simalungun has a variety of other culinary specialties, some of which have been patented, one of them is Dayok Nabiatur which is one of the cultural heritages. In addition, other typical foods are Nitak Simalungun, Tinuktuk, Hinasumb, Randu and Labar.

Durian Ucok

Durian Ucok is one of the largest durian suppliers in Medan. originating from various places, peeled ucok Durian has a sweet, soft and quality taste and ripens on the tree. At Durian Ucok, you can enjoy real durian meat, durian pancakes and durian ice cream.

Durian Pancakes

Durian pancakes may be pancakes that are easily found in other cities in Indonesia. But this Medan durian pancake tastes more distinctive. There are many places to buy durian pancakes in Medan such as Merdeka Walk, City Hall Street and so on. Pancakes have a soft texture wrapped in various colors, generally yellow and green.

Layer Cake

Medan Layer Cake is one of the most delicious layer cakes in Indonesia. Indeed, in other cities there are also layer cakes. However, the taste of this Medan layer cake or also known as Lapis Legit is very delicious, which has a distinctive aroma and soft texture with a variety of flavors. This cake is very popular among the tourists.

Mashed Cassava Leaf Soup

Mashed Casava Leaf Vegetable Soup is one of the most typical culinary menus in North Sumatra. This mashed cassava leaf vegetable has a delicious taste served with rice. Mashed leaf curry is a famous Karo curry which is usually enjoyed with anchovy, chili, shrimp paste or other side dishes. Your appetite will increase after trying this soup.

Dolung-dolung Parapat

Parapat is one of the most popular destinations in North Sumatra. Each tourist spot has its own characteristics. Likewise parapat with its culinary. Dolung-dulung Parapat is one of the typical Parapat cake that are typical in Batak land. It can be categorized as a lappet cake but its shape is round and tough. There are more specific names in Batak land for this type of cake, namely Ombus-ombus Siborong-borong, Pohul-pohul Samosir, Lappet Toba, Lappet Buluas Tele, and so on.

Tourist Activities You Can Try

Traveling to tourist attractions ranging from the city of Medan to Samosir where there are lots of tourist activities in Medan, Lake Toba, Berastagi to Samosir that you can do on the sidelines of your vacation to North Sumatra. Here are some tourist activities that you can do on the sidelines of the tour:

Dress up in Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace is the palace of the Deli Sultanate in Medan which is open to the public because it has been converted into a museum. Here you can see many royal collections and historical relics. An interesting thing to do at Maimun Palace is to dress in a royal or cultural style and take pictures in the throne room.

Dinner at Merdeka Walk

Medan city is famous for its culinary. If you want to go on a night tour and enjoy dinner with a wide array of food choices. You can visit Merdeka Walk where there are many restaurants, cafes and kiosks selling various foods and dishes.

Enjoy Nightlife at Café Raya Medan

Café Raya is one of the night tourism attractions in Medan. Café Raya Medan is one of the places to stop and a favorite place for many expatriates in Medan to find a glass of drink and night entertainment.

Praying at the Medan Grand Mosque for Muslims

Al-Mashun Grand Mosque is a famous grand mosque in Medan. This mosque has a very beautiful architecture. For Muslim tourists, praying at the Medan Grand Mosque is one of the special things to do during the Medan and Lake Toba tour. Non-Muslim tourists are allowed to visit this mosque outside of prayer times.

Visiting the Gethsemane Garden Prayer in Samosir for Christians

For Christians, an interesting thing to do is to visit the Gethsemane Prayer Hill. This place is really calming for Christians. It has an area of ​​3 hectares with beautiful gardens, cool air and there are 50 caves where this place is suitable for Christian tourists who want to pray in peace.

Best Typical Souvenirs to buy

A visit to Medan and Lake Toba doesn’t feel complete if you don’t bring home souvenirs from Medan. There are many of your relatives and friends waiting for your arrival and asking what souvenirs you bring when you returned from North Sumatra. The following is a list of souvenirs typical of North Sumatra and Medan that you can buy as souvenirs:

Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon is a typical Medan cake with a sweet caramel taste made from tapioca flour, spices, eggs, coconut milk and yeast to create a cake that looks like a honeycomb. This special cake is one of the most typical souvenirs that you can take home after a tour to Medan and Lake Toba. The cake is soft and chewy with a delicious taste.

Meranti Roll Cake

Meranti Roll Cake has become one of the most frequently purchased cake souvenirs by many tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and others. The texture of the cake is soft and the taste is really good, so you won’t regret taking it home. Previously, Medan was identical to Bika Ambon and Lapis Legit. However, when Meranti’s roll cake was famous, it became one of the most famous souvenirs from Medan in just a matter of time.

Sidikalang Coffee

Sidikalang coffee is one of the most famous coffees in Medan. This coffee is a Robusta and Arabica coffee that was growed in Sidikalang, the capital city of Dairi district, North Sumatra. This coffee product has become one of the mainstay products in North Sumatra because of its delicious aroma and taste for some coffee lover. Besides Sidikalang coffee, there is also Tanah Karo coffee which may not be as famous as Sidikalang coffee.

Teri Bajak Anchovy

Teri Bajak Anchovy is one of the processed anchovy products which is a typical and famous souvenir. It tastes savory and delicious with various flavors such as anchovies red chili sauce, anchovies chili sauce, plus red chili beans or you can buy the original version without chili. In addition, Medan anchovies also offer other processed anchovies, such as anchovy cakes. To buy plow anchovies, you can get it on Jl. gg. Prosperous 50, Harjosari, Medan Amplas, Medan City.

Pia Tamiang

Pia Tamiang is a typical Medan cake which is also used as a souvenir. This Pia Tamiang cake has a delicious and long-lasting taste. This pia cake can be purchased at Pia Tamiang Store on Jln. Tamiang, Medan City. The pia cake here has a variety of flavors and types such as green bean pia, vegetarian green bean pia, cheese chocolate pia, tamiang tausapia, sweet and salty pia, tamiang mooncake pia and wedding pia.

Dried Fish

Medan dried fish is a processed fish product. Medan is indeed famous for fish products such as anchovies, dried fish and seasoning dried fish. This product is a freshwater fish that is absorbed like catfish and tilapia. If you don’t know how to cook it, you can enjoy the typical culinary of Sidempuan, the culinary of the dried fish curry that has a distinctive aroma and taste.

Medan T -shirt

To give souvenirs to your friends, one of them is Medan T-shirt. Medan T -shirts are t -shirts Medan tourism icon images printing. This Medan T-shirt is one of the common souvenirs bought to be brought home as a gift after visiting the city of Medan, North Sumatra.

Ulos cloth

Ulos Cloth is one of the cloth used in the event or traditional ceremony in North Sumatra. This typical cloth is used to introduce the customs of North Sumatra. To buy ulos cloth you can get it at the Ulos Sianipar Gallery on Jl. Education No. 30 Kec. Medan Denai or can also buy at the Medan Weaving Songket Shop on Jalan Gaperta Ujung No 35 F Tanjung Wusta, Kec. Medan Helvatia. In addition to ulos cloth, in the shop above you can also get trinkets made of ulos cloth such as wallets, bags and so on.

Passion fruit syrup

Passion fruit syrup is one of the most famous drinks in the city of Medan. Many passion fruit trees are found in North Sumatra, especially Berastagi. In Medan itself there are many passion fruit syrup beverage products, one of the popular one is noerlen passion fruit. You can see the process and also buy the syrup at the factory with a taste that is so distinctive and without preservatives.

Teri Medan

Teri Medan is one of the small white ancholes, indeed a lot of anchovies are on the market, but Teri Medan has a different type. This anchovies have delicious and savory and can be reprocessed into various kinds of dishes such as red chili fried anchovies, anchovies, pepes anchovies and so on. This anchovies can be used as souvenirs for mothers who like to cook.

Medan Lake Toba Tour Package 4 days 3 nights is perfect for those of you who like to be natural tourism, cultural tourism, religion and history. You will enjoy everything typical and uniqueness of the city of Medan, North Sumatra. In addition to the Medan Lake Toba Tour Package 4 days 3 nights, we also have many other of vacation packages with special tours such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and so on. You can see the offer of tour packages on our website navigation above.