Lake Toba Nightlife, 5 Best Things to do at Night in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba nightlife are one of the unique experiences when visiting the largest volcanic lake in the world. Lake Toba is surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. Not only the scenery of the lake that is very stunning during the day, but you can also see the same thing at night.

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Lake Toba is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. Lake Toba is one of the main attractions in North Sumatra where you can explore natural scenery, Batak culture and to see various tourist attractions on Lake Toba such as beaches, islands, hills to beautiful waterfalls on Lake Toba. In addition to tourist attractions that you can visit during the day, there are also places that you can visit at night. Here are the Lake Toba nightlife:

  • 1. Parapat Night Market

Parapat Night Market is a night tourist spot on Lake Toba launched by Generasi Pesona Indonesia or GenPi. Conceptualized as a digital destination, Parapat Night Market is located at Tiga Raja, Girsang Sipangan Bolon District, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra.

The concept of a market wrapped in a digital destination. Parapat Night Market not only offers cultural and natural activities. Tourists can also capture the activities and settings of the place to support hobbies such as photography. Moreover, Parapat Night Market is also a place to interact that supports the 3F movement, namely friends, followers, and fans.

The presence of Parapat Night Market received support from various parties, including Arief Yahya as the Minister of Tourism at the time. Arief considers the presence of these tourist attractions as a positive thing. In fact, Arief wants to revive about a hundred GenPi Markets so that the Indonesian people, especially the younger generation, can carry out activities that are positive in nature.

There are three categories introduced by these markets, including Parapat Night Market. One, digital nature destinations that use nature such as rice fields, forests, beaches, and villages for photo objects. Two, digital culture destinations that use the theme of cultural works such as the old city, heritage, culinary, cultural parks, and traditional clothing.

Three, digital manmade destinations or urban markets aimed at urban areas. These three categories are expected to make the Parapat Night Market increasingly recognized by many people.

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  • 2. Enjoy the night at Bebas Parapat Beach

Relaxing at night at Bebas Parapat Beach has become a favorite activity for a number of tourists who have become a favorite night hangout spot on Lake Toba. The beach is located at Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Girsang Sipangan Bolon District, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra.

Actually, Bebas Parapat Beach can be visited throughout the day. However, exploring the beach at night offers a different sensation that will not be forgotten. Many tourists often compare Parapat Free Beach to Malioboro in Yogyakarta. But this beach certainly provides a different beauty that is certainly impressive.

Various activities can be done at Parapat Free Beach at night. These include camping, setting up campfires, and taking pictures. There are also a number of facilities that tourists can use such as jogging tracks, deck stages, viewing towers, skateboard areas, food stalls, restrooms, and parking areas. Not only that, witnessing the beauty of Lake Toba is another special activity that you should not miss.

The function of Parapat Free Beach as a public open which is one of the factors that make this place a hangout location. You even have the opportunity to watch various cultural art performances that are regularly organized by the locals. This is what makes the night at Parapat Free Beach always crowded. Even so, tourists are encouraged to maintain cleanliness in Parapat Free Beach and its surroundings to prevent damage to the ecosystem there.

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  • 3. Enjoy the night, sunset & sunrise di Gajah Bobok Hill

Gajah Bobok Hill is located in Pangambatan, Merek, in Karo Regency, North Sumatra Province. This hill has two hilltops with close each other. The land connecting the hills has formed a staircase with a handrail that will make it easier for tourists. The name of this hill is said to be taken from the shape that looks like a sleeping elephant from a distance. The two high hills are like a body, while the peninsula on the shores of Lake Toba is like an elephant’s trunk.

This tourist destination offers a panoramic view of Lake Toba from a height, so the view presented is very exotic. The blue of the lake framing the hills seems to add to the beauty presented. This tourist destination is also the target of adventurers to hunt for the charm of sunrise and sunset. No wonder this tourist village is also used as one of the favorite night tourist spots on Lake Toba by many tourists.

At night the village is beautiful. You can enjoy the night atmosphere from a height and see street lights from above as well as millions of stars in the sky. The beauty of the sparkling night sky that can be enjoyed from the top of the hill is a unique and interesting attraction.

Gajah Bobok Hill has also become a favorite tourist destination for camping. The flat land at the top of the hill is a suitable location to set up tents, especially on weekends. More and more novice hikers are spending their vacation in this village.

Although the air around feels cold, but at the night the more the number of tourists come. To do this fun activity, tourists must prepare enough equipment and supplies.

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  • 4. Tigarihit Village

Tigarihit Tourism Village is among the top 50 best tourism villages in the ADWI 2022 event. This village is located on the shores of Lake Toba. Tigarihit Tourism Village is quite unique because the houses are arranged vertically and painted in colorful colors, so this village is also known as Tigarihit Colorful Tourism Village.

The colorful houses of Tigarihit Tourism Village are in Girsang Sipangan Bolon sub-district, Simalungun district. More precisely located on Colonel TPR Sinaga Street, not far from Parapat City. The average resident of this village works as a tourism worker. Because they realize that their area can be used as a unique and interesting tourist spot. Then, they change the paint of their houses with various colors to create an interesting and beautiful spectrum that tourists can enjoy. In addition, mural art at a number of points in this village makes it even more beautiful and instagrammable.

Two fun activities that many travelers look forward are sunset and nighttime tours in the village. The sunset show on the shores of Lake Toba creates an exotic and beautiful scenery. In addition, at night there is a torchlight parade and also a lantern show that makes the night in this village brighter and so enchanting.

With various offers of beauty, Tigahirit is one of the exciting night tourist attractions on Lake Toba. Even now, tourists staying around Parapat can take a leisurely stroll while enjoying coffee and the beautiful sunset on the northern tip of Samosir Island or enjoy coffee while looking at the beautiful lanterns at night.

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  • 5. Brando Blues Bar

Lake Toba has a natural beauty that is famous throughout the country. No wonder this lake is so popular. Moreover, Lake Toba has legendary folklore and stunning natural scenery, including at night.

You can hang out at night spots on Lake Toba to enjoy its beauty when it’s dark. The sea-like waters of the lake are not choppy, very soothing and pampering. When dusk falls, you will also be presented with a beautiful view.

Like a beautiful painting, the sunset in the afternoon will decorate the surface of Lake Toba which is surrounded by mountains. Even at dusk, you will be presented with a unique sight, where fishermen return to the beach after fishing.

Another reason that causes Lake Toba to become a favorite tourist destination is the culinary around it that is appetizing and spoils the tongue. Around Lake Toba you will find many places to eat and hang out that serve a variety of delicious food and drinks. One of them is Brando Blues Bar where you can enjoy Lake Toba nightlife.

Brando Blues Bar is one of the original bars in Tuk Tuk. This bar is a great place to relax and hang out at night around Lake Toba. With pool tables and the occasional live music, you’ll have an exciting and unforgettable evening.

The availability of places to eat and drink as well as hang out around Lake Toba makes visitors certainly not going to be confused if they feel hungry and thirsty.

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Those are some Lake Toba nightlife and things to do at night that you can make a reference as your location to hang out at night on Lake Toba. In addition there are still many places to hangout on Lake Toba and Lake Toba nightlife spots that you can visit. You can rent a Lake Toba car rental or rent a Silangit Lake Toba car rental to facilitate transportation or you can also choose a tour package to Lake Toba for a comfortable trip.

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