Ompu Tuan Situmorang Monument

The Ompu Tuan Situmorang monument is a monument that symbolizes or confirms the descendants of the Sipitu Ama clans, where this monument aims to symbolize the greatness of the Sipitu Ama clan or also called the Sipitu Ama family descendants. This is because the spread of the Sipitu Ama clan is very wide on earth. The Situmorang monument has a high cultural value for the descendants of the Situmorang clan or now better known as the Batak tribes.

The Ompu Tuan Situmorang Monument or more commonly known as the Situmorang Monument was built and inaugurated on 5-7 July 1990. The Situmorang Monument has been revitalized or renewed exactly 29 years after its inauguration or more precisely on 13-15 September 2019.

The purpose of the construction of this Situmorang monument is to unite and maintain the integrity of the descendants of the Situmorang family, where in its implementation sati-sati or offerings are carried out in the hope of God Almighty so that all the great-grandchildren or descendants of Ompu Tuan Situmorang are given blessings and a long life in future. This offering ceremony is attended by the entire extended family of ompu siritumorang, where in its implementation ompu situmorang gives blessings (pasu), trusts, messages (tona) and advice.

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The Ompu Tuan Situmorang monument is located in North Sumatra or precisely in the village of Urat, Palipi sub-district, Samosir district, North Sumatra. To get to Samosir we can choose one of the two alternative roads that we like. The first is by road, where we can go through the Tele road which connects Samosir with Humbang Hasundutan district. The second alternative is to use a ferry where there are four jetties that we can choose according to our wishes and each of these jetties provides several different ship schedules in their departure to Samosir.

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In addition to the Ompu Tuan Situmorang Monument, there are also several other tourist attractions such as the Pandang Tele Tower, Efrata Waterfall, Holbung Hill, Aek Rangat Pangururan Hot Spring, Batak Museum, Beta Tuk-Tuk Hill, Parbaba Beach, Batu of the Chair King Siallangan, Sibea bea Hill and many others.

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