5 Lake Toba Fish Species, Endemic Fish in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba fish species has several endemic fishes. Some of these endemic fishes are threatened with extinction due to invasive species, one of which is the red devil fish, which is not native to Lake Toba. In addition to these fish, there are several other invasive fish that are also having some problem in Lake Toba.

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Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia. This lake has a variety of natural beauty. The lake was formed due to the eruption of Mount Toba 75 thousand years ago forming a volcanic lake with endemic biota in it.

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One of the famous Lake Toba endemic fish is Batak Fish and Pora-pora Fish. This fish is often used as an ingredient in typical Batak foods such as Arsik and also Parapat foods specialties in the form of typical fried pora-pora fish. However, because Batak fish has declined in population, Arsik currently uses carp fish as the main ingredient. In addition to the fish above, there are still several fish endemic to Lake Toba. Here are the Lake Toba fish species that you can find in this volcanic lake:

  • 1. Batak Fish

Batak fish (Neolissochilus ThienemanniI) is a species endemic to Lake Toba. The local term for this fish is Ihan Batak. This fish is a fish with two genus namely Neolissochilus and Tor. Tor species are the most commonly found species such as Tor Tambra, Tor Tambroides, Tor Soro and Tor Douronensis. This fish has various names depending on the region. For example, in West Java it is called Kancra Fish, Tombro Fish in East Java and Central Java, Kelah Fish in Malaysia, Jurung Fish in North Sumatra, Lempon Fish, Sepan Fish and also called Mahseer Fish.

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To fish for Mahseer fish or Batak fish is quite easy. This fish likes to be in strong water flows such as river mouths with rocky conditions. This Batak fish is a fish that is active at night. This fish is very aggressive so it can be fished with various baits such as minnow bait for casting fishing techniques or artificial bait from palm fruit modified with chicken feathers. In addition, live bait is also effective for fishing adult Batak fish because adults tend to be in deep river holes or deeper lake waters.

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Batak fish is often used as a typical Batak food menu, although as a consumption commodity, the population of this fish continues to decline. This fish is classified as an endangered fish. In addition, this fish has a slow growth. This fish can grow up to 30 kilograms in weight with a length of 1 meter. This fish is threatened by invasive species.

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  • 2. Lake Toba Rasbora (Rasbora Tobana)

Lake Toba rasbora (Rasbora Tobana) is a native species of Lake Toba fish. This fish is a small fish from the Cyprinidae tribe. rasbora fish has many types up to 100 species, Lake Toba rasbora is an endemic species of Lake Toba.

This fish is also often used as a consumable fish as a side dish. This fish is rarely cultivated because of its small size. This fish can be served fried with a savory and delicious taste.

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  • 3. Pora-pora Fish

Pora-pora fish or bilih fish is one of the freshwater fish species of Lake Toba. This fish is only 10-12 cm in size with shiny white scales. This fish is one of the cultivated fish in Lake Toba in addition to other fish species. This fish is a fast breeding species that can produce a large number of fish.

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For those of you who want to enjoy the culinary specialties, you can enjoy this fish culinary in restaurants in Parapat and also several places to eat on Lake Toba. it is also become one of the typical souvenirs of Lake Toba in the form of dried fish.

Pora-pora is one of the fishery commodities in Lake Toba and is a source of livelihood for coastal lake fishermen. Its delicious taste makes this fish very popular with consumers. Not only in North Sumatra and Medan, this fish is also deliver to Padang, Pekanbaru and Jakarta.

  • 4. Maninjau Loach

Maninjau loach fish (Homaloptera Gymnogaster) is one of the protected species found in Lake Toba. This fish is one of the endemic fish in Lake Maninjau and Lake Toba. This fish is often caught for consumption and ornamental fish so that its existence is threatened.

It prefers to live in streams near lakes with sandy contours and clear water. This fish is considered endangered so the government protects this fish species along with several other species such as the Sumatran chitala, Batak fish and so on.

  • 5. Carps

Carp are not native to Lake Toba, but they are often associated with the legends of Lake Toba. Carp is one of the economically valuable fish commodities. it can adjust to lake condition so that it grows bigger.

The largest carp ever caught in the waters of Lake Toba weighed 15 kg and 21 kilograms. The capture of this huge sized carp has shocked the public because it is often associated with the myth of Samosir Island and the legend of the formation of Lake Toba. The myth is still believed by the surrounding community even though the facts about Lake Toba tell otherwise.

Carp is currently one of the main ingredients for Batak culinary specialties such as Arsik Culinary which used to be made from Batak Fish. This dish is one of the delicious dishes on Lake Toba with a distinctive taste. You can enjoy when you are on vacation to Lake Toba.

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Those are some Lake Toba fish species or endemic fish that you can still find even though the population has decreased. In addition to the fish above, other fish that you can find in Lake Toba such as climbing perch, Lake Toba flowerhorn chchlids, gourami, java barb fish, catfish, snakehead (channa), eels, tinfoil barb, marble goby, trichogaster fish, tilapia fish to carps.

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