Pardinggaran Beach on Lake Toba, Beautiful Beach with the panoramic of Lake & sunset

Pardinggaran Beach is one of the beach on Lake Toba which has a beautiful panorama of Lake Toba and green hills. Pardinggaran Beach is located in Pardinggaran Village, Laguboti, Toba Regency, North Sumatra. Although this beach is relatively new on Lake Toba, it is not as popular as other beaches around Lake Toba such as Parapat Beach, Parparean Beach, Meat Beach, Lumban Bulbul Beach, Silalahi Beach, Parbaba Beach, Sipinggan Beach, Batuhoda Beach to Situngkir Beach. However, the natural scenery offered by this beach is no less interesting than the famous beaches around Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

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Pardinggaran Beach has a large stretches area with stunning panoramas. To reach this beach, you must first arrive at Pardinggaran Village via Sirongit Intersection, Siborong-borong – Parapat, Laguboti. From this intersection, you have to pass the village road for more than 3 kilometers or 10 minutes by vehicle. This beach is in line with other nearby beaches such as Barita Raja Pardinggaran Beach, Hatulian Beach and Pasir Putih Lumbin Beach. The road to the location is very good already paved and very smooth. Before arriving at the location, you will also enjoy the beautiful rice fields along the road.

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Pardinggaran Beach is a white sand beach that directly overlooking to Lake Toba. This area has built several tourist facilities for visitors such as gazebos to relax and enjoy the beautiful panorama. This beach has a large area so it can be a very suitable place for family vacations and relaxing with friends. In addition to a really beautiful tourist spot, this beach is also one of the best sunset spots on Lake Toba. You will see a stretch of savanna with a view of the lake with a red horizon, it’s a very stunning sight.

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