Best Time to Visit Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Weather on Lake Toba

The best time to visit Lake Toba is during the summer which occurs twice a year, namely between January to early March and May to September, which is generally estimated because Lake Toba is equatorial. But for a vacation to Lake Toba, holiday season can be all year round, but with high rainfall from October to December it might be a little difficult for you to do some tourist activities on Lake Toba. But you need to know that the weather above can change and it might rain suddenly due to the influence of very high temperatures.

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Lake Toba is a tourism center in North Sumatra which is already very popular among tourists. Lake Toba is a natural wonder which is a volcanic lake which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. Lake Toba is a place to enjoy beautiful natural and mountain views where the climate is cool. These conditions attract nature lovers, adventure explorers and photographers to visit this largest lake in Southeast Asia. There is no bad time to visit Lake Toba. However, if you want peace and not too crowded, it is better to avoid busy holiday seasons on Lake Toba such as New Year, Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr holidays, Christmas to school holidays.

Best Time to Visit Lake Toba

Visiting Lake Toba in general is exploring the beauty of the largest lake in Southeast Asia, whether visiting beautiful hills with spectacular lake views, seeing stunning waterfalls to seeing unique cultures. So the time to visit could be all year round. In contrast to scuba diving, surfing, fishing and other special activities that you can do at the right time.

However, Lake Toba also has a season of strong winds where bad weather can occur which results in delays in boat departures to Samosir. If you visit during the peak of the holidays, the hotel will almost double price. So the best time to take a vacation to Lake Toba and avoid the above, you can visit from May to August where this month is the peak of summer and not too crowded. So that you can easily enjoy your vacation to Lake Toba. The following is an infographic on the best time to visit Lake Toba that you can see:

  • The best months to visit Lake Toba are May, June, July and August
  • The rainiest months on Lake Toba are April, May, October, November and December
  • The average temperature on Lake Toba is 19 degrees Celsius at night and 27 degrees Celsius during the day.
  • The peak seasons of the holidays on Lake Toba is during the Chinese New Year, Christmas, New Year, Eid Mubarak, Eid Adha & School Holidays.
  • The strong wind season usually occurs between November and February.

The Best Time to Visit Lake Toba to see a Tourism Events

Lake Toba has many annual tourist events held by both the regional government and the ministry of tourism. Among the events that are often held are the Samosir International Music which is usually held in August, the Carnival of Lake Toba in July, the Lake Toba Rally and many other tourism events held by the government which you can see directly through the website of the North Sumatra Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for exact schedule.

Peak Seasons of the Tourist Visits to Lake Toba

Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year usually increase in domestic tourist visits to Lake Toba. In addition, school holidays and Eid al-Fitr also resulted in a spike in visits to Lake Toba. This causes hotel and transportation prices to rise so you pay a higher price than usual.

Inappropriate Time to Visit Lake Toba

If you are not used to boat travel and causing to seasickness, you can avoid visiting between November and February when the boat trip from Parapat to Samosir Island gets choppy. This month there are usually strong winds which cause waves on Lake Toba. If you travel between the months above and cross to Samosir, for those who are not used to it, it is possible that you will get seasick.

Weather on Lake Toba

Lake Toba has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25 degrees Celsius in the rainy season and 27 degrees Celsius in the dry season. The peak of the dry season is in June. The heaviest rainfall occurs in November with a maximum of 869mm.

Tourist Attractions on Lake Toba

There are many things to do at Lake Toba during your trip. On Lake Toba there are many interesting tourist attractions that you can visit depending on your wishes. Here are some impressive tourist attractions on Lake Toba:

  1. 1. Visiting Stunning Waterfall on Lake Toba

Lake Toba with its hills and heavy rainfall has beautiful waterfalls to explore. The waterfalls on Lake Toba vary from the tallest to the modest waterfalls. Visiting waterfalls is one of the favorite tourist activities on Lake Toba. If you want to explore the many waterfalls around Lake Toba, you can see them below:

  • 2. Visit Freshwater Beach on Lake Toba

Lake Toba offers stunning beaches with views of the vast expanse of the lake. There is also a stunning white sand beach which is perfect for those of you who like beach tour. The beach on Lake Toba is one of the places to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake up close and a very exciting place, including the white sand beach on Lake Toba. How about the view of the fresh water beach, here are the beautiful beaches of Lake Toba that you can explore:

  • 3. Enjoying the Beautiful View of Lake Toba on the Hills

Seeing the sights of Lake Toba is not enough just to go around the lake. You can also enjoy the stunning views of the lake that stretches wide from a height. From a height, the panoramic view of the lake is very clear. There is a row of hills in the Lake Toba area. If you want to hike, you can also climb mountains on Lake Toba with various heights. The following are beautiful hills that you can visit to enjoy the beautiful views from a height:

  • 4. Visit Beautiful Island on Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a large volcanic lake. Many people think that in the middle of Lake Toba only has an island. But it turns out that Lake Toba has a number of beautiful and exotic islands. these islands are becoming new tourist destinations on Lake Toba and enriching tourist attractions in the region. If you want to explore the islands around the largest lake in Indonesia, you can see them in the article below:

  • 5. Soak in the Hot Springs on Lake Toba

Many tourists are familiar with Lake Toba, which has a number of stunning natural attractions, one of which is a hot spring. The tourist attraction on Lake Toba of a hot spring bath does need no doubt about its beauty. In addition, these hot springs have their own uniqueness that you can hardly find anywhere else. Here’s a list of hot springs that you can see:

  • 6. Visit the Tourism Village to see the panorama of nature, customs and culture.

Traveling in villages is a very special thing that you can do. Complete with the village beautiful natural scenery, green rice fields, unique customs and culture that you need to see. Tourism villages are currently one of the popular destinations that offer authentic things. For those of you who want to see the attractions, you can see the following popular tourist villages on Lake Toba:

  • 7. Visit the Beautiful Rice Fields on Lake Toba

Rice fields are not only fields where local people plant rice. Rice fields are also one of the interesting things to visit and become one of the unique photo spots on Lake Toba. There are many rice field destinations that offer panoramic views that spoil the eye, especially when the morning sun starts to shine, this atmosphere is too expensive to miss. For those of you who like rice field tourism, here is a list of rice fields on Lake Toba that you can visit:

  • 8. Enjoying the Beauty of Sunrise and Sunset on Lake Toba

One of the beauties that you can enjoy is seeing the sunrise on Lake Toba. Indeed, sunset is more popular than sunrise. Maybe because waking up too early is a little more difficult for some people. But you don’t need to worry, you can enjoy both of these phenomena in this largest freshwater lake. Here are the sunset spots that will amaze you when you see them:

  • 9. Enjoying the Typical Culinary of Lake Toba

Lake Toba is one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia with a variety of cultures and natural beauty. Apart from the beauty of the lake and the tours around it, tourists are also looking for typical food to try. Local tourists are usually looking for a place to hang out on Lake Toba while enjoying its delicious culinary delights. For Muslim tourists, there is no need to worry that there are halal places to eat on Lake Toba, where the majority of the people here are Christians. With very distinctive recipes and spices, the food here is very well known. The following are typical culinary delights that you should try while on vacation in Batak land:

  • 10. Shop for unique souvenirs at Lake Toba

Being a destination that is always crowded with tourists, Lake Toba has many unique souvenirs that you can buy when you return from holiday at Lake Toba. Starting from food, accessories, weaving cloth, cakes and typical drinks are available here. Here are interesting items that you can buy as souvenirs:

How to get to Lake Toba

Visiting Lake Toba is one of the memorable things for those who like adventure. You can see following information of How to get to Lake Toba.

By Flight

You can get to Lake Toba via Kuala Namu Airport and then continue the overland journey to Parapat for about 4 hours. Kuala Namu Airport is the main entry point to North Sumatra which serves flights to major cities in Indonesia. This airport also serves flights to Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, Silangit International Airport offers a shorter journey to Parapat with a duration of 2 hours. But there are not too many flights to this airport.

By Land Transport

You can take a bus from major cities in Sumatra to the Amplas terminal. From the Amplas terminal you can easily find Bus transportation to Parapat at a very cheap fare.

How to Get Around Lake Toba

The road around Lake Toba is pretty good, and Samosir Island is no exception. If you want to get around Lake Toba, you can rent a car in Medan if you come from Kuala Namu Airport or Silangit car rental if you come from Silangit Airport. For Samosir Island, there are generally many scooters available and you can get around the whole of Samosir Island in just one day.

Reasons to visit Lake Toba

Lake Toba is one of the largest volcanic lakes with spectacular views where you can see natural scenery, beautiful mountains, hot springs from volcanoes, stunning waterfalls to beaches with wide blue water. On Lake Toba there is also the Batak culture with unique traditions, history and culture for travelers to see. This place makes a great base for many tourist activities. To find out more about why you are on vacation to Lake Toba, here are the resons you can read:

So, the best time to visit Lake Toba can be anytime depending on your wishes. But in our opinion, the best time to have a vacation to Lake Toba is from May to August, which is summer and not too crowded with tourists so you can explore the charm of Lake Toba, culture and beautiful forests.

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