Sirandah Island Padang, Things To Do, Fishing Spots, Diving, Snorkeling, How to get & Tour Package

Sirandah Island Padang is a beautiful island in Padang. The island is located about 11 miles from Padang City. The island has a hilly condition surrounded by white sand beaches decorated by trees such as coconut and others. The island was opened to the public in 2017 and attracted many tourists including local and foreign tourists. The island has an area of only 10 hectares.

Sirandah Island Tour Package

Sirandah Island has a tourist attraction where the beach is beautiful with white sand stretches. There are many things you can do here including walking around and snorkeling. If you are interested in going to this tropical paradise, here are the tour packages you can check out:

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Things to do in Sirandah Island

There are many tourist activities that you can do on Sirandah Island such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, camping, playing sand, fishing and so on. In addition, turtle watching is also one of the most exciting things to do here. You can also walk around the island on foot. You can get around the island in less than 1 hour. If you don’t want to walk, you can also rent an ATV for Rp. 50,000 per 30 minutes of use.

Snorkeling in Sirandah Island

The island has shallow waters where there are many coral reefs. There are many species of fish that swim freely in Sirandah’s waters making it very suitable for snorkeling. The expanse of blue ocean with the charm of a beautiful beach is a very comfortable place for snorkeling.

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Diving in Sirandah Island

Sirandah Island offers rich underwater charm where there are heliopora and acropora corals. These corals are home to many species of fish. The waters are shallow with a depth of 2 to 15 meters which is perfect for beginner divers. The waters are inhabited by many marine life that you can see with good visibility. The shallow waters are overgrown with dense soft corals.

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Fishing on Sirandah Island

Sirandah Island has many species of fish that are very suitable for anglers. Not only as a marine tourism destination, here you can also fish either by boat or near the island.

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Camping on Sirandah Island

Camping is one of the most suitable tourist activities to do on Sirandah Island. You can relax with a view of the sky full of stars. You can also see the lights from Teluk Bayur. Here there is a special camping area that has been provided.

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For those of you who want to explore other beautiful islands in Padang West Sumatra, you can see the following recommendations for beautiful islands in West Sumatra:

Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions on Sirandah Island consist of beaches and hills. The island is so small that you only see the smooth white sand beach. The beach has blue water that is very spoil the eye.


For those of you visiting Sirandah Island, there is no need to worry about lodging. There are several cottages on the island managed by Sirandah Island Resort including a camp ground. There are 3 types of rooms here, namely backpackers with a tariff of Rp. 600,000, color cottages Rp. 1,220,000 and wooden cottages with a price of Rp. 1,350,000. The price is per person per night.

How To Get to Sirandah Island

Sirandah Island is about 11 miles from Padang city which takes 40 minutes by speedboad from Muara Padang. If you are from Bungus Pier which is close to Bungus Beach Padang, then it only takes 25 minutes by speedboat. In addition to the above locations, you can also rent a boat at Siti Nurbaya Bridge.

Entrance Fee

The entrance ticket price is very affordable at only Rp. 30,000 per person and you can already enjoy the tropical paradise.

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That is some information about Sirandah Island that can be a reference for those of you who want to visit.

Diving in Mandeh Islands, 10 Dive Spots in Mandeh, Padang, West Sumatra

Diving in Mandeh offers very charming diving spots. There are up to ten best dive sites on mandeh island including one wreck spot or called Boeloegan wreck dive site which is one of the impressive diving spots in the mandeh islands.

Mandeh archipelago is a group of islands in West Sumatra, this archipelago is located in Carocok Tarusan Bay which consists of several islands, this archipelago area covers an area of approximately 18,000 hectares with 70 hectares of which is a beautiful underwater area and is surrounded by around 389 hectares of mangrove forest and white sand beaches.

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of Mandeh Island, you can see the following Mandeh Island tour packages:

For those of you who want to travelling to popular destinations on the island of Sumatra, here are tour packages with 3 tourist destinations that you can choose including Pulau Weh diving:

West Sumatra is indeed famous for its stunning natural attractions ranging from canyons, green rice fields, beautiful mountains, delicious Padang foods specialties, unique culture to its famous island tourism area, one of which is Mandeh Island, this island is one of the popular tourist destinations in Padang not only that this island is one of the best diving spots in Padang.

Mandeh Island is an archipelago with a combination of white sand, hills, mangrove forest areas, bays that offer tourist activities such as banana boat tours, camping, fishing, sailing, cliff jumping, waterfalls, snorkeling to diving, this archipelago consists of Cubadak Island, Pagang Island, Bintangor Island, Sironjong Kecil Island, Sikuai Island, Ular Island, Setan Island, Marak Island, Kapo-kapo Island and Traju Island, diving spots in Mandeh are found on the following islands:

  • 1. Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island is a tourist spot that offers diving spots in Mandeh with interesting underwater scenery. This island is in a group of small islands located on the coast off West Sumatra.

This island is starting to become the target of tourists that are still uncrowded. If you come here, the place is always quiet and you can enjoy relaxing freely. Both the beach and underwater views of Cubadak Island should not be underestimated.

To visit the island, you have to go through a unique process. First you have to make a reservation and choose which tour package to use. This can be a day trip or an overnight stay. The purpose of this reservation is to avoid many people coming to the island at the same time and damaging the nature in this area.

It is highly recommended that you take an overnight package if you want to enjoy your stay here. If you stay overnight, you’ll have more time to enjoy what the island has to offer. For those of you who love diving, the overnight option is a must.

The dive spots in this area of the island are in shallow water but some are for deeper areas. Diving in the island area can spend a lot of time trying out different spots. So it will be more exciting if you stay here.

Spend time from morning to afternoon diving, then in the evening resting on the beach while having a delicious foods. Cottages with a natural sensation are provided for your stay here. So you can really feel like you’re on a remote island while traveling here.

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  • 2. Pagang Island

Your traveling hobby will not be complete if you do not try to visit the West Sumatra region, especially Pagang Island. Pagang Island has a very beautiful natural charm, white sand and there is a distinctive aroma of West Sumatra foods. The best-selling activities that you can enjoy there are diving and snorkeling.

You can rent a boat or come directly to the rental center on the edge of the city to be taken you to the island. If you come to Pagang Island, just provide a budget of at least Rp. 400 thousand with the following details:

  • Entrance ticket to Pagang island Rp. 35 thousand
  • Boat rental price is around Rp. 150 thousand per person
  • The price of snorkeling equipment rental is around Rp. 100 thousand per person

To give you an idea, the distance from the city center to the island destination takes about 1.5 hours using a fairly safe boat with a capacity of 20 people. You should also wear a life jacket when travelling on boat to get there. All the fun activities such as fishing, camping, enjoying the sunset and sunrise can be done all the time.

Pagang Island is one of the diving spots in Mandeh which also provides a very comfortable place to stay where every corner will be shown with beach views, clean air, stunning skies and supportive flora. Access to get there is said to be very good, so you don’t need to be disappointed because the road access is difficult.

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  • 3. Seronjong Ketek Island

Still talking about tourism in West Sumatra, which now covers the tourist island of Sironjong Ketek Island. The island is still a cluster with a beautiful island in Koto XI Tarusan District, Pesisir Selatan, West Sumatra. The attraction of Sironjong Ketek Island is the deep part of the sea and the unique contour or shape of the island. When you try diving in Mandeh and snorkeling, you will find a lot of fauna that are not commonly found in other areas. You can rent diving equipment at the surveillance office with a rental ticket price of around Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 350 thousand per person. The entrance ticket price for each vehicle or tourist spot is different.

The entrance ticket to this diving spot in Mandeh, Sironjong Ketek Island, starts from Rp. 25 thousand to Rp. 35 thousand per person, tickets to play rides start from Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 25 thousand. For those of you who have just had a wedding and want a honeymoon, there is a resort that can be recommended, the view is also very charming. The distance from the center of Padang city to this island is taken for about 1.5 – 2 hours using the water land route.

The island also has a very comfortable waterfall spot, there is also a free fishing facility with terms and conditions. You can also use a West Sumatra tour planner to save money!

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  • 4. Seronjong Besar Island

For those of you who are only traveling the Java Island area, you will be a little sorry if you miss the beautiful atmosphere on Seronjong Besar Island, West Sumatra. Next to Seronjong Kecil Island and other islands. The attraction of this island is the same as other small islands in the South Coastal region of West Sumatra, where there is a mesmerizing natural view. For this island has a wider contour area. You can play rides such as swings, outbound, diving and snorkeling. Diving is the most popular activity because it is cheap and there are many rental supplies.

The diving equipment on Seronjong Besar Island is very complete, there are photography services when you dive too! Diving package prices start from Rp. 300 thousand with photography content, diving equipment, guides, and some diving souvenirs that can be taken home. You can also tour the dive sites in Mandeh around Seronjong Besar using a boat with a rental of IDR 200 thousand for a certain quota. To see this island, you can use the land route about 1.5 hours from the city center, the road access is so comfortable coupled with a circular hill view so you can see all the points of the house in Sumatra from the top here!

There are also 4-star hotels with complete facilities, check out the Seronjong island accommodation from Rp. 490 thousands to Rp. 700 thousands per night. There are also tour packages to other interesting islands on Mandeh Island.

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  • 5. Boeloegan Wreck

Educational tourism in the sea depths of Mande Island, West Sumatra is still a rare thing because many people are afraid of the myths circulating. However, you don’t need to worry about that because Mande Island currently opens diving at the depth to see a sunken battleship called Boeloegan Dive Wreck.

The ship became a hot topic of conversation because of its wreckage, which is still quite intact at a depth of 25 meters on Mande Island. The ship was built by the Dutch government to colonize and control commerce in this country in 1915. Because Japan did not want to lose the struggle for the archipelago, Japan bombarded the ship until it sank in 1942.

If you want to dive to see the wreck dive spot in Mandeh, you must be equipped with all equipment and a guide because the terrain is muddy. In addition, the price of diving package rental starts from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 700 thousand includes photography, gears, meals, souvenirs. Beforehand, there is a prayer ritual so that during the dive you don’t get any obstacles. The opening hours of this tour are 24 hours only for diving opening hours are limited to a maximum of 16.00 because the water current tends to rise. It would also be nice if you stay at the resort while eating at the cafe with a typical West Sumatra menu. Travel time for diving to meet the ship is around 40 to 1 hour.

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  • 6. Ular Island

You could say Mandeh is the Raja Ampat of West Sumatra. It is an interesting group of islands that not only offers beautiful natural charm, but also the charm of the underwater attractions. Snake Island is one of the best place for scuba diving in Mandeh, apart from the other islands, which are in the island group. It is none other than a small, unpopulated island located in the western part of Sikuai Island. For those of you who want to visit this island, it take about 15 minutes by motorboat from the Sungai Pisang area.

The name snake island does not mean that this island is inhabited by many snakes. But from a distance, this island looks like a snake. On the west and east, you will see a variety of corals that are elongated, and a little winding that looks very similar to a snake. This also makes the island unique in the eyes of tourists.

Given that this island is not too lush, due to the large number of corals around the island, the most suitable activities to do on this island are in the waters. In this case, you can do snorkeling, swimming, diving, or various other water activities.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery. Decorated with a variety of beautiful coral reefs, accompanied by a variety of beautiful small ornamental fish, it is certainly an attraction in itself, especially for those of you who like diving activities.

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  • 7. Nyamuk Island

For those of you who are currently in West Sumatra, precisely visiting Mandeh Padang, and like diving activities, then Nyamuk Island, will be one of the good diving in Mandeh Padang that is right for you. This island is one of 10 interesting dive spots, which you can visit. 

Administratively, this island is included in the Koto XI Tarusan sub-district, South Pesisir district, Padang. Interestingly, although this island is uninhabited, it turns out that there are several shelters that fishermen made on the island.

When you visit this island, there are quite a lot of activities that can be done, such as turtle conservation, seeing fishermen looking for fish, snorkeling or diving activities, and even other water activities.

Just like on other Mandeh islands, the underwater scenery presented in this place is sure to amaze your eyes. There are various kinds of beautiful coral reefs, and equipped with a variety of interesting, small ornamental, which twists and turns between the coral reefs.

With waves that are not so big, more or less makes diving activities in this place feels comfortable. But certainly, to do diving it is better if you pay attention to the weather conditions around the island. Make sure you dive in sunny weather conditions, so that diving activities become more enjoyable and good visibility.

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  • 8. Marak Island

Marak Island itself is one of the islands in Mandeh, West Sumatra.  Having an area of about 500 hectares, and a clean stretch of white sand, it certainly promises a series of exciting adventures that you can do in this place, even though this island is uninhabited.

Not only you can enjoy the beauty of nature or the beautiful sea, but you can also enjoy the underwater attraction that is no less interesting. The expanse of the underwater world with blue tones, will accompany you while greeting directly a variety of beautiful small fish, which playing between clusters of coral, which still looks intact. This is because Marak Island is arguably a virgin island, or has not been touched by many tourists.

Interestingly, besides you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world directly, with diving activities. You can also enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery from the sea surface. This happens because the sea surface in this area is fairly clear. For those of you who like snorkeling, it is easier to see various marine life and species of fish in the area. Thanks to the beauty of the natural scenery in this location of diving in Mandeh, West Sumatra, it is natural that Marak Island gets the nickname as ‘Heaven from the South’. Not only presenting a beautiful underwater panorama, but the natural scenery on the island is no less interesting, clean and soft white sand accompanied by green trees, making anyone’s eyes will be unraveled by it.

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  • 9. Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island itself is located in the Mandeh Island area. The natural beauty of this island, not only includes the natural beauty of the surrounding area, but also the beauty of the underwater world. The island has an area of only 44 hectares, surrounded by white sand beaches and covered with tropical forests and coconut trees.

For those of you who like diving activities, or enjoy the underwater world, there is no harm in visiting this island. Surely the natural panorama of the sea that is presented is no less interesting which is one of the diving spots in Mandeh West Sumatra. Given that the Mandeh area is called the Raja Ampat of West Sumatra.

A variety of beautiful ornamental fish, which run among the coral reefs, will be an interesting sight, in addition to the clear blue sea as far as the eye can see.

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  • 10. Setan Island

Setan Island is one of the beautiful place for diving in Mandeh West Sumatra that is starting to be discussed among diving enthusiasts. No wonder, of the thousands of islands in Indonesia, Setan Island is able to present a beautiful natural panorama and is still well preserved.

Setan Island, located in Ampang Pulai, Koto XI Tarusan, Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatra, home to school of fish, exotic corals, reefs and other marine life that make divers eager to enjoy the beauty of the island.

There is not only one diving location available, but Setan Island has at least the best diving spots around it with fairly calm water conditions, enhanced by its white sand.

In addition to snorkeling or diving, this kid-friendly tourist location also offers a variety of other fun activities such as riding a jetski, banana boat, cable car, or just playing water around the shoreline.

For sunset lovers, there is nothing wrong with trying to enjoy the beautiful moment of the sunset while accompanied by the soothing sound of the waves, followed by camping activities and watching the flickering stars at night.

With the addition of this long list of charming diving spots in the country, the name of this seemingly creepy island is expected to be able to become a tourism potential in the future, and boost the economy of the people of West Sumatra.

How To Get to Mandeh Islands

To get to Mandeh Islands you can choose to travel by plane or road trip by bus, upon arrival at Minangkabau Padang International Airport, you can choose Padang car rental or taxi at the airport to Carocok Painan Beach in approximately 3 hours. Here there is a carocok terusan harbor where you can rent a boat to the mandeh islands, or you can also take a boat from the bayur bay port or Bungus Beach.

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Things to do in Mandeh Islands

In addition to offering the best locations for diving in Mandeh, these islands also offer very charming tourist attractions for you to explore, the following tourist attractions in Mandeh that you can visit:

  • 1. Mandeh Hill

Mandeh Hill is one of the many popular tourist attractions in Padang that can spoil tourists when visiting. Located in South Pesisir Regency, West Sumatra, this location surrounded by blue seas and small islands has named the nickname Raja Ampat of West Sumatra.

The Mandeh area, located 56km from Padang City, is surrounded by small islands such as Setan Island, Traju Island, Small Island, Cubadak Island, as well as Sironjong Besar which is a favorite diving location for tourists.

For tourists planning a vacation here, don’t be confused because there are many exciting activities that can be done here with friends and family. Just stepping on the Mandeh area, tourists have been greeted by the beautiful scenery of Mandeh Bay.

Mandeh also has a variety of tourist facilities such as boat rentals for those who want to go around a cluster of small islands with a guide, dining at a café or stalls, large parking lots, toilets, and others.

When you come here, don’t just stay in one place. Travelers are also advised to try other Instagramable spots such as in the roadside area, or to the top of the hill to capture the view of Mandeh from above.

To start the adventure on Mandeh Island, tourists can travel for 1 hour by car from Padang City, or take a boat from Teluk Bayur, Bungus Port, Muara Padang Port, and Gaung.

  • 2. Kapo-kapo Village Manggrove Forest

Kapo-Kapo village mangrove forest is one of the popular tourist attractions in Mandeh. This place is a leading tourist destination that is included in the Mandeh Integrated Maritime Tourism Area (KWBT), Koto XI Tarusun sub-district, South Pesisir Regency, West Sumatra.

At first, Kapo – Kapo Island was an ordinary fishing village area. However, due to the economic empowerment of the fishing community, this village has recently become one of the leading tourist destinations and not to be missed.

The mangrove forest in Kapo – Kapo village looks very amazing and lush. This place is perfect for those of you who want a vacation with natural nuances, because in Kapo – Kapo village you will also be presented with various natural beauties such as beautiful trees, beautiful sea with thunderous waves, breeze, and sand.

Although it is considered a remote and isolated village, you don’t need to worry if you visit this island. Because, there are many things that can be enjoyed, you can snorkel and exercise. In this place there is also a simple nuanced lodging, perfect for a vacation with a happy little family.

In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of locally famous culinary delights such as local rendang, octopus rendang, and other delicious snacks. Not only that, you can enjoy young coconuts directly picked from the tree, guaranteed fresh and thirst-quenching.

  • 3. Gemuruh River

Gemuruh River is a river in Mandeh that offers the beauty of marine charm. Mandeh itself is a tourist area located in South Pesisir district, West Sumatra. This area is very famous, and is widely used as a must-visit tourist destination when visiting West Sumatra.

Gemuruh River is very suitable as a place to clean yourself from a day’s activity visiting the surrounding tourist destinations. In addition, the cool and beautiful atmosphere is very peaceful, perfect for visiting with family to find the tranquility of nature that is second to none.

On the Gemuruh river there is also Gemuruh waterfall. This area can be reached approximately 43 KM from the city of Padang. Then, to get to the location, you need to take a small boat through the lush and cool mangrove forest.

There are 2 waterfalls side by side in the area, the size is not too high only about 3 to 4 meters. Once there, it is guaranteed that all tiredness and fatigue will melt away completely. This tourist area is like a hidden paradise because it is still virgin and not many people from outside West Sumatra know its location.

Mandeh tourist area itself has the nickname as the Raja Ampat of West Sumatra. Because, besides the river, you and your family can enjoy various types of fun tourist attractions such as mangrove forests, beaches, waterfalls and other interesting natural attractions.

  • 4. Nona Hill

Nona Hill is a tourist spot with a beautiful panorama similar to Raja Ampat. There is a kind of pearl-like destination located on Andalas Island, West Sumatra, so people often call it a tourist spot in Mandeh. There are various tourist attractions in Mandeh that can be used as a long vacation spot including bays, islands, and beaches.

If you want to see the Mandeh landscape directly, then visitors must go to the peak on the plateau. The blue of the sea coupled with the view of the hills will be an interesting spot for photographers while at Puncak Nona. This one Mandeh tourist attraction is truly the most interesting place for visitors to enjoy relaxing time.

The beauty that is imprinted will always make travelers gape. Visitors can witness directly the cluster of small islands that are observed to be lined up. When at Puncak Nona it seems that visitors will feel amazed when looking at the green scenery around.

Many people who are in the Puncak Nona area always take the time to relax in the morning or afternoon. In that place, visitors can roll out mats, eat together, and take photos while looking at the beautiful sea and hills.

While on vacation, visitors should be careful because of the condition of the place which is at the top of the height. For visitors who have a phobia of heights, need to think again to climb it, but the view from the top of the peak is really very beautiful.

  • 5. Gemuruh Waterfall

Gemuruh waterfall is a tourist attraction in Mandeh that has extraordinary natural scenery. The location is known to be very exotic because visitors will walk through the mangrove forest in about 15 minutes. The water is really clear and even from the boat visitors will be presented with a very unique school of fish.

When you arrive at the end of the mangrove forest, there will be many boat parking who welcome you, usually consisting of 2-3 adults. They will organize the entry and exit of boats that stop by Gemuruh Waterfall. When the boat is well anchored, then tourists can just get off the boat. What are the other highlights of visiting Gemuruh Waterfall?

The sound of splashing river water is really very tempting, so usually tourists will immediately look for their favorite spots. The river water flows so cool, making it perfect as a place to play in sea water. The visitors can play water as well as rinse because the cool and fresh air makes the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Visitors who want to rinse off in the water area are allowed, but should not use soap or shampoo. The tourism authority prohibits visitors from using chemicals in the water so that Gemuruh Waterfall is not polluted.

There visitors can also find two waterfalls that are side by side not too high. The hot weather felt by visitors while on the trip, immediately disappeared when they were near this Gemuruh Waterfall.

  • 6. Snorkeling in Seronjong Island

Snorkeling on Sironjong Island is one of the activities that you must try when visiting this island. Especially, tourists who like to enjoy the natural scenery under the sea. Sironjong Island has a special offer.

From a depth of 20 meters, you will find a lot of marine life that is very charming. Such as Nemo, seaweed, other marine life, and also beautiful and exotic coral rocks. On this island, there are about 70 hectares of coral reef area that is still well preserved.

One of the islands in West Sumatra is also one of the dive spots that can make tourists curious. Because, under the sea of Sironjong Gadang Island there is also a Dutch cargo shipwreck that existed during the colonial era. The existence of the wreck is actually an added value of this area.

Keep in mind, for those of you who are not experts in diving, make sure to always be accompanied by experts or tour guides. Because, in these locations there are lots of colorful coral scattered at medium depths.

As tourists, we must also take part in caring for and preserving the existence of underwater wealth. Surely, enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery will make your vacation more enjoyable. Therefore, this one activity must be monitored by a local guide to stay safe.

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Mandeh is known as a paradise in the south to enjoy marine tourism, one of the things you can do is diving in Mandeh. Besides that you can also enjoy the underwater scenery by snorkeling in Mandeh on several islands with different beautiful spots.