7 Best Natural Hot Springs on Lake Toba where you can relax & a wellness retreat

The hot springs on Lake Toba are scattered around the lake. Some hot springs are really good for health with sulfur and rich in minerals that are very beneficial for health. While enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains and tropical nuances in the hot springs, you can travel while taking care of your body to stay healthy by soaking in the natural hot springs in Lake Toba.

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Traveling has many tourist destinations, one of the interesting things to do in Lake Toba is a natural hot spring. Soaking in a hot springs pool will get your body relaxed and make a solution to make your body fresh after a tourist visit to Lake Toba such as climbing a beautiful hill on Lake Toba, visiting beautiful beaches on Lake Toba, seeing waterfalls on Lake Toba, or you may also snorkeling in Lake Toba or other tourist activities on Lake Toba. Here are the hot springs on Lake Toba that you can visit:

  • 1. Aek Rangat Pangururan Hot Spring

Aek Rangat Pangururan Hot Spring is one of the best hot spring on Lake Toba, which is located on Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba. The location of this hot spring is located precisely on the slopes of Mount Pusuk Buhit which is still an active volcano. In this hot spring there are several bathing pools whose heat levels have been adjusted. The hot water comes from the volcano that comes out of the rocks and flows into the bathing pools.

Aek Rangat Pangururan is perfect for those of you who are happy with natural hot springs that can refresh the body. In this place, visitors are not only enjoy the view of the natural hot springs, but also the beautiful view of the vast and blue Lake Toba. Many visitors make this place one of the best photo spots on Lake Toba with the background of Lake Tiba and white hot water that looks like snow.

Aek Rangat Pangururan Hot Spring is located not far from the city center of Samosir Regency, only 3 kilometers from the city of Pangururan. Many tourists who visit this location not only as a bathing place, but also enjoy the scenery to taking bath in hot sulfur springs as skin therapy.

  • 2. Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja Hot Springs

North Sumatra never stops showing off its natural beauty. One of them that is excellent to visit for many tourists is the Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja hot spring, Lake Toba. Simply by coming to North Sumatra Province you can enjoy the natural beauty like in this paradise.

This hot spring is often referred to by its short name, namely Tinggi Raja hot spring. What is interesting is that this hot spring is so similar to the Pamukkale spring in Turkey. So, if you want to enjoy a similar atmosphere at Pamukkale hot springs, Turkey, just come to North Sumatra and don’t have to spend a lot of money to go abroad. The place is located in Dolok Tinggi Raja Village, in Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. If you are just enjoying the beauty of Lake Toba, you can stop here at the same time. Guaranteed, you will not regret visiting this one tourist spot.

The hot spring like a white crater that forms the terraces of the pools and filled with hot water that is bright blue and clear. The white cliff edge of the pool looks like snow. The color of the white cliff edge of the pool comes from the limestone that forms it. However, because it is like white snow, it is often also referred to as hot snow.

That’s a picture of the beauty of the hot springs of Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja, Lake Toba. You must schedule a vacation there someday. You can get a view similar to that place abroad in Indonesia.

  • 3. Embun Pagi Hot Spring

If you like to soak in hot spring, don’t forget to stop by the hot springs of Embun Pagi, when you are visiting North Sumatra Province. This hot spring is well known among the public and visited by many local people because the warm spring is able to make the body more relaxed and fresh.

Soaking yourself in a hot spring is a fun activity and reduces body aches. You can enjoy a hot bath in a large and spacious pool by coming to the Embun Pagi Hot Spring. This hot spring pool has natural hot springs flow in it. So, it is really pure from nature. The water is then accommodated in a large pool so that it can be used for bathing by many people.

You can relax while soaking in the hot springs of Embun Pagi. Enjoy the warm water temperature wiping your body. By bathing in hot water, it is believed to be able to relieve aches in the body, such as fatigue, and even skin diseases such as itching and acne.

In this hot spring there is sulfur content, so it is good for your body’s health. So, it never hurts to try soaking yourself in the hot springs of Embun Pagi. The scenery is also still beautiful, so you can bathing at the same time enjoy its natural beauty.

  • 4. Lau Sidebuk-debuk Hot Spring

If you visit Karo Regency, North Sumatra, don’t forget to visit one of the tourist destinations of Lau Sidebuk-debuk Hot springs. For those of you who like to soak in hot springs, this place is suitable to visit. This tourist spot is very popular among local people.

Lau Sidebuk-debuk hot spring has five levels of pools with different water temperatures. Likewise, the colors produced from the pool start from white, blue and of course there is a smell of sulfur, good for body health. For example, for healing skin diseases, ringworm, allergies, and so on.

In addition to enjoying the hot spring baths, visitors will also be spoiled by the surrounding scenery such as Mount Sibayak. The spring turns out from Mount Sibanyak that flows into the Sidebuk-debuk bathing pool. Of course this will make you relax and unwind.

Not only visited by adults, children can also enjoy this hot spring bath. No need to worry because each pool has been adjusted to the age of visitors, including children.

In addition to providing hot spring baths, there is also a pool with cold water. Even though this place surrounded by mountains and cold air lakes, it turns out that the cold pool is also love bathing by tourists. You can adjust to your needs and comfort.

  • 5. Rianiate Hot Spring

Lake Toba is located at an altitude, so it is not a surprised if the weather or atmosphere is fairly cold. There are so many tourist destinations other than Lake Toba that you can visit. It is also possible for tourists who intend to look for other spots such as hot springs around Lake Toba.

If you know that on Lake Toba there is an island called Samosir, you can take a ferry to Samosir Island first to get there. You can choose the transportation by ferry, speed boat, or traditional boat. Just choose according to your comfort transport. There is one tourist destination namely Rianiate hot springs, Lake Toba.

Rianiate Hot Spring is also an alternative for Lake Toba tourists who like to soak. The location of this bath is in Rianiate Village, Pangururan, Samosir Regency. Approximately only 20 minutes from the capital city of Samosir to the hot spring.

Besides being able to enjoy soaking in hot water, you will also be presented with a view that is so beautiful, especially the beauty of Lake Toba. Without having to worry, there are also stalls for snacks, drinks and special foods. You can find grilled tilapia, which is a typical Samosir food, or other Sumatran specialties.

  • 6. Horas Hot Spring

Who does not know Lake Toba, one of the largest lakes in Indonesia. Its phenomenal name is certainly the main attraction for everyone who hears. Especially for people who like to travel.

In the middle of Lake Toba, there is one of the islands namely Samosir Island which is no less phenomenal. You can also visit by water vehicle to get to Samosir. In fact, there are also tourist attractions in Samosir that are no less exciting than other tourist attractions in North Sumatra. Well, for example, if you go to Samosir, you can also stop by the Horas hot spring.

In addition to enjoying the hot springs in Lake Toba especially Horas Hot Spring, you can also enjoy the natural and beautiful surrounding scenery. This hot spring is located on Jalan Aek Rangat No.Kelurahan Siogung-Ogung Pangururan, Samosir. This hot spring pool is open every day from 05.00 – 23.00. In cold weather, the hot spring uses a crater that produces hot spring. Although there is a mixture of sulfur smells but all of it is naturally mixed.

Indeed, the soaking in hot water is good as an alternative treatment and of course it can also nourish the body. You also don’t need to be afraid the water is too hot, because the level of heat is not so hot. If you are interested, you can directly visit the Horas hot springs.

  • 7. Aek Rangat Sipoholon Hot Spring

Aek Rangat Sipoholon Hot Spring is one of the hot spring on Lake Toba which is located in Sipoholon. Aek Rangat Sipoholon Hot Spring is not as popular as other hot springs on Lake Toba, but you can use this place as an alternative to find serenity to soak in hot spring.

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