Diving & Snorkeling in Lake Toba, Beginner Freshwater Snorkeling Guide on Lake Toba

The question arises whether it is possible to dive and snorkeling in Lake Toba! Snorkeling is not just a water tourism activity that is only done at sea, although snorkeling in the ocean you will see more diverse attractions for example such as snorkeling on Rubiah Island located on Sabang Island. It is one of the main attractions in Pulau Weh and is commonly offered in Sabang Pulau Weh tour packages. Not only snorkeling, diving in Pulau Weh also offers stunning underwater attractions. You can also do this on Lake Toba.

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake or caldera in the world. Its surface area reaches 1,130 square kilometers. Lake Toba is one of the main tourist attractions in North Sumatra which is one of the mainstay tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are many things you can do with interesting tourist activities on Lake Toba such as seeing panoramic views of Lake Toba from the top of the hill, visiting beautiful beaches on Lake Toba, seeing stunning waterfalls in Lake Toba, enjoying sunrise views on Lake Toba to snorkeling in Lake Toba.

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Perhaps you don’t need to dive too deep to see the beauty of the freshwater environment. Lake Toba is full of stunning lakeside beaches and one way to enjoy their beauty is by snorkeling in Lake Toba.

As with snorkeling in the sea, for example in Rubiah Marine Park, you need a mask or diving gear, a snorkel for breathing, fins for swimming. The use of snorkeling equipment is very easy and simple. You will definitely know the first time you see the snorkeling equipment. The equipment is not as complete as scuba diving equipment which is more complete with BCD, oxygen cylinders to regulators. There is a difference between snorkeling and diving where diving has its own basic diving basics and techniques.

Fins are one of the tools that really help you in swimming where the use of this tool is to push yourself while swimming and snorkeling. The use of diving glasses to make it easier for you to observe underwater life and snorkels to help you breathe while you are snorkeling.

When you think of snorkeling, you probably imagine coral reefs and colorful fish like in the ocean. You can also see many interesting things in the lake, especially Lake Toba where there are freshwater fish, amphibians, turtles, sandy contours, freshwater grasses to various other lake ecosystems such as crayfish and so on.

For snorkeling spots in Lake Toba, there are quite a lot where you can do snorkeling activities such as on Pelangi Tambunan Beach, Parbaba Beach, Sigurgur Beach, Batu Hoda Beach, Lumban Bulbul Beach, Sipinggan Beach, Situngkir Beach, Paropo Beach and many more. These beaches not only offer beautiful panoramas but are also suitable for snorkeling.

In addition to traveling and snorkeling in the largest volcanic lake in the world, you can also do spearfishing on Lake Toba. This spearfishing technique is a combination of snorkeling and spearfishing. Spearfishing itself aims to shoot fish both as a hobby and to find fish for consumption.

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For those of you who like to try scuba diving. Lake Toba can be a place for you to learn about scuba diving or the basics of scuba diving. But currently there are no specialized operators that offer this activity. But that does not mean it is not possible to dive in Lake Toba. Lake Toba also offers an ideal location for divers where you can see unique characteristics.

Safety Tips for Diving & Snorkeling in Lake Toba

If you are a beginner, snorkeling in a lake is one of the best ways to get comfortable. To avoid anything untoward, here are some tips for first-time snorkeling in a lake:

  1. Do not snorkel too far from the shore because the deeper the lake gets, the more currents it may have.
  2. Snorkeling with a friend or a guide is better because of the unpredictable lake water activities and also includes injuries, wildlife and fatigue.
  3. Check your snorkeling or diving equipment for suitability and functionality before you snorkel.
  4. Always stay calm while snorkeling and breathe normally. This is to prevent fatigue, panic and disturbing aquatic life.

Now that you know the basics of snorkeling and snorkeling tips in Lake Toba and its spots or locations. This is the right time for you to explore and find interesting things in Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

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