Loppit Hill: Seeing the Beautiful View of Lake Toba from Loppit Hill, Simalungun, North Sumatra

Loppit Hill has a cool and great nuance which is located on Jl. Raya Meat, Toba, North Sumatra which offers beautiful views of Lake Toba from the top of Loppit Hill. This hill has become a new tourist attraction in North Sumatra which is increasingly being recognized by visitors. The management of this place is still not optimal compared to similar tourist attractions around Lake Toba such as Indah Simarjarunjung Hill, Sitalmak Hill, Sibea-bea Hill, Sipolha Hill, Holbung Hill, Burung Hill, Pusuk Buhit Hill, Siadtaratas Hill, Sibeon Hill, Tara Bunga Hill to Pahoda Hill.

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Loppit Hill offers panoramic views of Lake Toba from a height. You can see the scenery without being limited because it is blocked by trees. This hill is a peak with a stretch of grass land where you can see the charm of Lake Toba, a panoramic view of Meat Village with green rice fields near Lake Toba, Meat Beach and so on. This hill is not too far from downtown Balige and very easy to reach. For photographer who like instagramable spot and beautiful landscapes, this place is one of the lists of places that you can visit.

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In addition to spending time seeing impressive natural scenery, you can also relax on Loppit Hill and enjoy leisure time. Apart from the beautiful hills, cool atmosphere, green expanse of rice fields and the vast view of Lake Toba, this place is very suitable for those of you who like the feel of nature. With a location that is not too high and steep, this place is perfect for those of you who are looking for light and relaxing treks and hikes and stunning views. In addition to a relaxing place, you can also have a picnic at the top of this hill. Those are some of the reasons this hilltop is worth a visit on Lake Toba.

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